5 Sports Which Will Train Your Entire Body


Doing some sports and keeping your body fit is important, especially for those who sit around most of the day, have office jobs, and go to work and around by car and any other motorized vehicle. Still, not all type of sports is equal. Whereas some sports focus on specific muscle groups only, others involve the entire body, and it will train your arms, shoulders, legs, abdomen, and back.

But what are these sports, which train the entire body? In this article, you will find five ideas, sports which are accessible to virtually everyone, and which are usually offered in every bigger city.


Rowing is usually done on rivers, either alone or in a group. The rowing movement involves all parts of the body, as it requires you to bend and stretch continuously, involving the legs, the arms, shoulders, back, and the abdomen. The beautiful thing about rowing is that you enjoy the fresh air, and you can do it either alone (but not without supervision) or in a team.  Larger cities usually have a rowing club. Alternatively, you can do the rowing exercise at the gym. Many gyms have rowing devices available, which will allow you to train your body in full

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Martial arts

Martial arts are very different, and some martial arts indeed focus on specific parts of the body only. But many martial arts involve the entire body, such as Karate or Jiu-Jitsu. Traditional self-defense classes are a good alternative. The beautiful thing about martial arts is, that you can learn self-defense while training your body. Also, you will learn to get to know some other members of the club, and potentially expand your network.


Something exciting for those who love water: swimming. Swimming trains the entire body, and the water will act as little weights, due to the resistance. With the different swimming styles, you can have an all-body workout. For those living close to the sea, the seawater is also healthy to the respiratory system and the skin. Swimming is something you can perfectly do alone, with a good friend, or you can join a club and get to know new people.


A true man’s sport: rugby. Rugby demand a lot of physical strength; and if it is not there yet, it will build it. Rugby is a true team and competition sport, and it is best suited for those, who want regular training under the supervision of a trainer or coach. But be careful, rugby can also cause injury.

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Your body and physical capabilities will be pushed to the limits with gymnastics; it puts a great demand on the entire body, both endurance as well as pure strength. Gymnastics is best practiced in a club, with regular training hours. It is a perfect way to train with others and to meet some new people.


From all the sports out there, some focus only on specific groups of muscles, whereas others stimulate a full-body workout. Especially for those, who do not simply want to go to a gym, but are looking for true sports, to train their skills, and at the same time train their body, the five ideas presented in this article are perfect. But as with many sports, one has to stay disciplined and complete training on a regular basis.


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