Check Different Types of Travel Insurance Plans Available in India

Traveling involves a number of natural and man-made risks that are hard to predict or even prevent. By opting for a travel insurance policy, you can get covered against risks such as luggage theft or flight delays and truly enjoy your travel experience. It’s important to buy travel insurance online, preferably while you are still planning your travel itinerary. This will help you better visualize the kind of cover that suits your needs. For example, if you are traveling to a country that is prone to certain types of epidemics, you could opt for a travel insurance plan that covers such risks. You can also benefit from the competitive prices offered by purchasing a travel insurance policy online. Similarly, whether you prefer to travel alone or in groups, dedicated travel insurance plans offer much better coverage at an affordable price point. If you travel often, it is better to buy a multi-trip international travel insurance policy as it is more economical and time-saving.

Let’s explore the different types of travel insurance policies available in India:

Medical Insurance Coverage/ Medical Evacuation:

Whether you wish to explore the ancient ruins of Dholavira in Gujarat or cruise around the backwaters of Kerala, a medical emergency can come as a challenge. If you are visiting an exotic foreign locale, the treatment cost can increase substantially. Although you can expect high-quality healthcare, particularly in Western countries, you may require hospitalization and even emergency air evacuation. Depending on the complexity of the treatment, the cost may exceed any amount that you may have budgeted, leaving you destitute in a foreign land. Investing in medical travel insurance can help you avoid spending huge amounts of money from your pockets. A few group travel insurance plans also provide for compassionate visits by family if you are hospitalized abroad.

Luggage Protection:

According to the International Air Travel Association (IATA), lost baggage cases reach a peak from December to January each year. This trend has continued despite the advances in baggage tracking that have been introduced over the past decade. A luggage protection cover translates into a better overall experience at the airport even if you found your bags missing between flights. Critical travel documents such as passport, visa, etc are too important to not be insured while traveling abroad. In an emergency, your insurer may provide vital assistance in getting a replacement passport. Honeymoon travel insurance could potentially help you save your honeymoon in the event of baggage loss.

Trip Insurance:

Unforeseen events can derail even the best-laid travel plans. If you postpone or cancel your travel plans due to a personal emergency or your airline reschedule your flight, trip insurance can be a lifesaver. The pain of canceling confirmed hotel reservations and being penalized for it can also be avoided. In the event you need to extend your stay abroad due to an emergency, trip insurance can cover any costs of rebooking flights. Operational reasons for flight delays may include bad weather, civil unrest or technical glitches. Although the airline may offer to rebook you on the next available flight, it may not fit well with your travel plans. Also, if a connecting flight to your destination is affected, the cost of a longer transit may have to be borne by you, in the absence of travel insurance.

Additional Tip:

It helps to know the terms and conditions that govern your travel insurance policy. For example, if you are a senior citizen, few of the pre-existing conditions may be covered. A thorough reading of your travel insurance policy can help you make the most of your travel insurance policy. Trusted by millions, Bajaj Finserv has introduced short-term insurance solutions that are both affordable and comprehensive – Pocket Insurance. You can browse across a range of travel insurance products – including Trek Cover, Road Trip, Honeymoon Cover, Domestic Holiday Cover, among many more – and select the ones that fit your specific requirements.


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