The Five Filebot Alternatives To Save Your Day


These days we have so many video files on our desktop and laptop. No doubt, we download almost 3 to 4 videos on your desktop. However, they become too messy and confusing at times when hitting upon your favourite video to watch. To organize the videos properly and to avoid unwanted confusion filbot is used.

A filebot is a very popular application that helps in managing the video files in an appropriate and well-maintained manner. A filebot acts wonders, this software checks out all the media files and searches for the accurate titles which are based upon the favoured data source. However, in simple language filebot is mainly used to customize and rename the media file. This process helps the person to look out very quickly for the media files. A filebot can easily download any available cover art for the media file and create subtitles.

To know more about filebot applications check out the trendiest applications which can be used as alternatives.

The Best Exclusively Top 5 Alternatives Of Filebot

The best part about this software can be, it is available on both mac and windows computers. However, the filbot comes with a paid version. To which here are some free filbot alternatives which provide a very similar process. All the applications provided below give a free service.


 This can be the best alternative for filebot. However, these applications only run in windows but work similarly, the process of the application is to enable and organize the media files and other similar files. This can also be used in image files too. The process of adding GPS data to any image file is somewhat easier with advanced renaming.


Another option can be renaming for sure. As per The Next Hint’s report, this application works pretty easily on windows to organize the movie files and the tv shows files. However, it works a little off on Windows 10, in case you are a Windows 10 user, you should better opt for the 3 points.

The good thing about the Renamer is it scrapes the information from any big database and as well as Google, some like,, just ensure that the files are renamed properly.


 This software can be a tough and a bit puzzling one, to operate this particular software you have to get another software known as Kodi. However, this is also similar to filbert as it works as open-source software, the only plus point about media Elch is that it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


 in Rename Master you can rename the whole bunch of files, this application is quite basic and easy to look at and also does a good job. This application is only used in windows.


The application is only for windows. You can easily change the fine art, filename and other related data with help of the software.


A file bot tool things are to manage and organize the files and video files n proper ways, it also helps in rename various other files too

  • Tv files
  • Anime
  • Movies

The best thing is it also provides amazing subtitles to the films downloaded tv shows too. Here are some amazing filebot alternatives, which work the same as filebot. This will surely help you in the long run, however, this application is free to use and too easy to access.



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