The Proper Way to Vape


If you’ve recently started vaping, it’s pretty normal to find yourself confused with your new experience. This is mainly due to the fact that people tend to use a vaporizer like a cigarette. To enjoy your vaping experience, you will need some time to adapt to the new device. It’s important to learn how to use a vape and finding the best e-liquids for your vaping needs. 

How To Use A Vape

When starting with electronic cigarettes, it’s integral to learn how to use your new device. The best thing to do is to start simple. You’ll get lots of starter kits that are easy to use, and they aren’t in any way inferior to other vaping devices. The most prominent types of vape devices are:

The Pod Vape

For people who are tightly tied to the habit of smoking, and are looking to quit it, the pod vapes are by far the best option. Start by filling your preferred e-liquid in, and leave it for 10-15 minutes so that it saturates properly. Put the pod in the device and you’re all set to vape now. The pods enable people to easily switch from one flavor to another, and since they require less e-liquid, they are cost-effective too. 

All In One Vapes

The all in one vape are one of the most easy-to-use and hassle-free vapes. Fill up your vape with your favorite e-liquids and get started. It’s advisable to prime the coil of the device with 2-3 drops of your chosen e-liquid, put it in the tank, fill it up, and leave the coil for 10 minutes to saturate after which you can start. Once your coil performance starts to decline, you should know it’s time to replace it. 

Vaping Correctly
Choosing The Best E-Liquid

Finding the right liquid can be a tiring process. Usually, you’ll have to choose between propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine e-liquid. The PG typically comes with a stronger flavor that gives an intense hit, whereas the latter is popular for giving out heavy plumes of vapor when you exhale. Your vaping experience will only improve when you’ve found the right ratio through experimentation. 

The Primer Puff

Vapes work when the coil heats up, causing the e-liquid to evaporate, and then only the primer puff activates the device for you to start vaping. Press down the button for 2-13 seconds for the primer puff to work. 

Should You Inhale While Vaping?

While using electronic cigarettes, you do not need to inhale. Similar to chewing nicotine or tobacco bubbles, the nicotine gets absorbed in the soft tissue in your mouth. Although most smokers inhale the smoke due to their past habits but know that you can still take in the quantities of nicotine without inhaling. 

Are Short Drags Better or Long Ones?

Most smokers make the mistake of short drags because they are effective for conventional cigarettes. However, vapes have liquid inside which needs to evaporate. Therefore, short drags won’t allow enough liquid to travel across the heating coil leading to an unsatisfied experience. 

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