The Requisite Attributes to Student Visa subclass 500


Students pursuing any courses registered under CRICOS are granted a permit to apply for the Student visa Subclass 500 which they can undergo staying inside Australia at the time of Course undertaking. The visa permits foreign students to stay in Australia for 5 years or less but not exceeding the period of their enrolled course. Due to this visa, students studying any full-time course in any of the endorsed Australian institutions can enroll for this visa. This visa provides an offer for students to bring their parents too along with them. The Student Visa 500 is applicable to any courses that are eligible in Australian visa guidelines and international students can apply for it to study any full-time course of their own choice.

During the time the visa is in the act, according to its rules, the student has the right to travel inside and outside the country of Australia. The student can work in parallel to their study but the working durations are not more than 40 hours in a two-week time. The students can be guided by accomplished Immigration Consultant Adelaide in their
application form filling.

Requirements and Eligibility Criteria


  • As visa 500 is Points-tested: The student must qualify and achieve the required marks for student subclass 500 in English language tests.
  • You must bear your own expenses as well as
  • falls under character and health requirements.
  • You must abide by the Age bar
  • You should satisfy the given age limit for later classes criteria:
  • Applicant age must be less than 17 years in the ninth year
  • Applicant age must be less than 18 years in the tenth year
  • Applicant age must be less than 19 years in the eleventh year
  • Applicant age must be less than 20 years in the twelfth year.

Eligibility Criteria:

To enjoy the facilities of the Visa Subclass 500 to study while staying in Australia, the international students will have to abide by some rules and regulations:

  • Age permits
  • Proof of COE enrollment
  • Proper welfare arrangements
  • Must have this visa if applying while in Australia
  • Financial proof
  • Health insurance
  • Temporary entrant
  • Previous canceled visa or either application refused is not entertained

Benefits of Student Visa Subclass 500

With this Subclass 500, you are allowed certain perks as:

  • You can engage in any courses in Australia as well as travel in and out of Australia.
  • You also can work up to 40 hours every 2-week period once your course begins.

Student Visa 500 Checklist

The applicants are advised to skim through their Student visa 500 checklist for proper submission. The conditions subjected to students for registering in a full-time course in Australia under CRICOS are enlisted below:

  • The minimum age for a student to apply at the school level is 6 years or older.
    The applicants must provide an enrollment assurance document like a Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) Certificate for each of the courses applied.
  • This Visa assigns you to live in Australia for 5 years but the tenure can change depending upon the courses undertaken by the students.
  • The students must clench Overseas Student Health Cover from an approved provider of health insurance in Australia.

Processing Time

The processing time of 500 Visa varies. The student Visa 500 Processing time differs according to the course chosen as well as some factors too. The fees should be provided with the application otherwise the application will not get processed and Australia student visa processing time will thereby go on to increase more. Your processing time may also increase if you do not provide authentic and correct information. The processing time for this visa 500 are:

Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector
75% of applications in 3 months
90% of applications in 5 months

Postgraduate Research Sector
75% of applications in 6 months
90% of applications in 9 months

Non-Award Sector
75% of applications in 8 months
90% of applications in 13 months

Schools Sector
75% of applications in 6 months
90% of applications in 7 months

Independent ELICOS Sector
75% of applications in 6 months
90% of applications in 7 months

Vocational Education and Training Sector
75% of applications in 3 months
90% of applications in 6 months

Higher Education Sector
75% of applications in 62 days
90% of applications in 6 months

For more information reach out to our Registered Migration Agent Adelaide and get yourself registered for this Subclass 500 visa.


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