Tools to Watch Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories are an incredible tool that can help expand your reach and engage your target audience. Use it to produce short-form content that lasts up to 24 hours before disappearing forever.

Anon IG Viewer is an online Instagram Stories viewer that allows you to access private Stories anonymously without anyone knowing your identity. All it requires is a username; no login or downloads necessary!


Add music, add backgrounds – Iganony is an intuitive video editing app that makes video creation easy! Use Iganony to craft vlogs and become an influencer across platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp and Facebook. Featuring music effects like overlays, transitions and filters – and layouts/backgrounds available free with watermark – or purchase premium to remove it and gain additional features.

With this tool, you can produce visually-appealing content that suits the aesthetics of your brand. It includes templates tailored specifically for Instagram Stories; such as discount and exclusive offer templates which allow you to promote new products or services. Plus, add a call-to-action prompting viewers to swipe up on your story and visit your website!

This powerful Instagram story creation tool, available for both iOS and Android devices, allows you to cut, trim, split, crop, merge videos. Additionally, it includes options for adding sound and music, speed adjustments for video playback, filters stickers text a variety of filters as well as masking/Chroma effects to blur your background if needed.


Instagram stories can be an engaging way of engaging your target audience and spreading information about your brand or product. But if you prefer viewing stories without downloading the app itself, there are other tools available that can assist. Smihub is one such service that enables users to browse and download Instagram content without an Instagram account; its service works across most desktop computers for free with various features like searching specific posts and stories available.

Smihub can help if you want to stalk an ex without their knowledge; using this website you can view their Instagram account anonymously. With Smihub you can see their profile picture, photos, videos, reels and stories without them ever knowing. In addition to that feature it also offers other useful functions like being able to analyze followers and comment history as well.

Smihub’s user-friendly interface is the first thing that will strike you upon signing in. A text box requests your username and grants access to their profile automatically; furthermore, search stories and download them – plus there are free and safe. However, Smihub may occasionally display advertisements or pop-ups, making your experience slightly less comfortable than it should be.


Inflact is a service that makes it possible to promote your Instagram account automatically. It helps increase follower count and engagement rate by automating various tasks such as commenting on posts and viewing stories; and offers tools such as content visualizer, schedulers and analysis modules – giving your competitive edge an extra edge!

Instagram is a popular recreational social media app that allows users to post images and videos with their followers, as well as story-sharing features that last 24 hours. Although Instagram does not permit anonymous viewing of its stories, various tools exist which enable people to do just that – these include the Instagram Profile Viewer, Picuki and Inflact among others.

Inflact is unlike most Instagram viewers in that it allows users to access any public account without needing to login or download an app, multiple Instagram accounts are supported as well as options to download post captions and high-resolution photos and videos – it is even available online so can be used across desktop computers as well as mobile phones!

Inflact is an extremely useful Instagram growth tool that will enable you to attract more followers, build customer relationships, and manage content creation effectively. Offering an extensive set of features with user-friendly functionality for automated messaging functionality to respond directly to customer questions or issues – Inflact makes your Instagram growth strategy simple!


StoriesIG is a free online service that provides access to Instagram stories without their knowledge. The site is easy to use and doesn’t require an Instagram account – simply enter a person’s username and it will display all their stories, as well as allow download photos/videos from their profile that can then be saved to either your computer or mobile device. Furthermore, loading times are extremely fast without obtrusive advertisements or pop-up windows making this an excellent way to quickly monitor Instagram accounts!

Dumpor is another useful tool that lets you search Instagram posts by name, though its interface can sometimes be glitchy and does not require any personal data from its users. Plus, it tracks posts to see how many likes and comments have been received while offering support in various languages – making Dumpor an indispensable asset to any marketing strategist’s toolbox!

Utilizing this tool is an effective way of monitoring your competitors’ digital marketing strategies, and staying abreast of emerging industry trends. However, it should be remembered that accessing an Instagram story without permission or knowledge may be illegal – the best way to prevent any unwanted incidents would be using this tool for legitimate purposes only.


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