Top 7 Wig Mistakes Made by Beginners

Top 7 Wig Mistakes Made by Beginners

For human hair wigs beginners, the questions that concern the most would be “What is the way to apply a lace hair wig and make it appear natural?” and “What are the common mistakes that could mess lace frontal wigs?” We don’t need to feel publically embarrassed when wearing a hair wig, also we don’t wish to make the appearance of look cheaper!

After asking dozens of experienced wig users what mistakes they made when they were beginners as a lace wig wearers. Below, we have concluded the top 7 mistakes that a beginner typically make. A few of these blunders can make your new lace wig look horrible.

Let’s dive in and find out how to avoid these mistakes.

Three Terrible Mistakes that can Ruin your Lace Frontal Wigs

1. Over Plucking

“When I go to pluck the scalp or to pluck a natural hairline; I end up slashing the lace.” or “I over plucked the best hair wigs because I tried to make it look more natural.”

If you are having a problem like those mentioned above, then order a pre-plucked hair lace wig rather than plucking yourself. If you know that plucking is not enough, go for expert help, as DIY plucking can rip the lace easily. In other words, if you pluck the wig unevenly, it will look as if there are holes in the frontal lace wigs.

2. Over Dyeing or Over Bleaching

“I bleached the hair too much and it started to shed everywhere” or “I Colored my hair so much in quest of getting the right color. As a result, it went from 180 to 130.”

In the case of above-mentioned problems, excessive bleaching the hair knots can comfortably cause hair loss. Sometimes shedding will be like crazy, as the bleaching powder makes the hair knots fragile.

3. Excessive Cutting of Lace

“I cut the lace back too far and used the wrong color on my part. So it looked like I put Cheeto dust in the part and must of the lace was missing in the front.”

If you cut too much lace, it can’t be fixed. Slash the lace with the utmost care and ensure pot to cut the wig lace with single-knot hair along the hairline.

Four Blunders that will Ensure Your Wig Look Unnatural and Visible

4. Size of the Cap is Too Small or Too Big

“I got it excessively tight around the head so a line was apparent when I took the wig off “or “The size of my human hair wigs was big, and I was without the elastic band. Therefore, the hair wig was sliding back and my cap was apparent.”

You will feel awkward when the hairpiece is excessively close and now and again may cause a cerebral pain. But when it is too enormous, you’ll feel risky, and the hairpiece can without much of a stretch slide back.

In case of too big cap size, elastic band sewing would help if you do it inside from ear-to-ear and utilize adhesive alongside hairline to save your wig.

5. Applying Excessive Glue

“I was overdoing of the adhesive exactly on the hairline was merely flaking through the lace” or “I didn’t remember to clean off the dried glue, and I was walking around like stupid all-day.”

When beginners start to wear lace wigs, they always have a concern that their wig will slide off. Therefore, applying excessive glue happens frequently. Various wig glues provide different directions. So, follow the glue’s direction that you use.

6. Not Tightening the Lace Wig Enough

“No glue or no elastic band used” or “No fixing of the wig comb in the hair, resultantly it fell out of my head while playing.”

A lace cap without glue has three combs, one on the top with two on either side near the ears, to help for wig’s security. It also contains an adjustable strap surrounding the neck for cap’s size adjustment for flattening the hairline and better wig security.

For making your wig secured, and keeping your hair wig stay in place, we insert an elastic band in the packet box for you to sew the inner side of wig optionally your cap without anyone’s help; for flat hairline and make your wig more secure.

One of the convenient ways is to buy human hair wigs with elastic bands sewed inside. So, for better wig security, and for those beginners who can’t use combs due to less hair, they can use glue to glue down the hairline while sewing the extra elastic band – ear-ear.

7. Not Trying to Make Hair as Natural as Possible Underneath

“The biggest blunder that I commit was not laying my human hair underneath flat enough.”    

“I never cornrow my hair flat. As a result, I had two bumps, as we see on roads, on my head’s top.”

Natural human hair will be clearly visible even under the lace wig; if you are not keeping your organic hair as flat as possible.

Wrap Up

Beginners are bound to make mistake. However, to continue making mistakes and not learning from those is definitely not the trait of wise people.


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