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There are different situations when one needs the help of family lawyers in Mississauga. When you need to hire a divorce lawyer in Mississauga, one of the most important decisions that the spouses have to take is: Who will take a child’s custody? In addition to the parental responsibilities, it settles the tone for how the child can adjust once his/her family situations get changed. The majority of families kindly set for the child custody arrangements, while for some families in Mississauga, it’s a matter that should get resolved in a court. 

Child Custody in a Court:

The court cases are intricate enough because the judges have to decide the optimal custodial circumstances for the child. If the case involves domestic violence, the Mississauga family lawyer’s child custody case becomes even more complicated. The court takes domestic violence very earnestly. The accusations can affect the custodial reward in favour of one parent over the other one. All custody cases are not identical; however, the right parent usually gets custody of a child after hearing statements from both spouses’ sides.

About the Domestic Violence:

Domestic violence is intimidating and forcing for the child at the same time. It can impact all social classes and frequently present physical assault, negligence, financial coercion, and psychological abuse. Domestic violence encompasses battles between spouses, former spouses, parents and children, and even between children. Every family member can become affected by domestic violence, and family lawyers in Mississauga tell families about that. The minors are at risk of emotional trauma, psychological imbalance, and becoming future victims or committers themselves after seeing the domestic violence in the home. According to the law in Canada, the majority of the acts involving domestic violence are crimes.

How to Do Courts Deal with the Child Custody Cases?

The courts manipulate the ‘Family Law Act’, ‘Divorce Act’, and ‘Laws’ at the provincial and territorial levs, in combination with the decisions in former court cases and the results of court-ordered assessments to resolve child custody cases. The court’s decision for custody and access gets solely based on what’s in the child’s best interests.

The Child’s Greatest Interest:

The child’s most significant interest includes a set of factors to establish the most reliable custodial circumstances. According to ‘Section 24’ of ‘Ontario’s Children’s Law Reform Act,’ the factors embrace the following:

  • The love, affection, and emotional ties between the child and parent would get given priority as a custodian.
  • If the child is of sufficient age, the child’s wishes will get counted.
  • Has the child lived in a stable home environment?
  • The ability, willingness, and proposed plan for child custody will get heard.
  • Can the custodian meet the educational needs of a child?
  • Will a particular family taking the custody of a child offer permanence and stability to a child?
  • Has the person applied for a parent the ability to act as a parent?

These factors may only give you the general idea of child custody. However, the family lawyers in Mississauga can better elaborate on these factors to you.

Do You Need a Family Lawyer for Child Custody in Mississauga?

The custodial rights are crucial for you as a parent, and if you want to get justice for taking the custody of your child, you should consider taking the help of a divorce lawyer in MississaugaWhy divorce lawyers? Because divorce lawyers work day in and day out to resolve divorce cases between spouses, they also serve as a family lawyer in Mississauga by handling family cases with triumph.

Why Should You Get the Custody of a Child?

If your spouse is not worthy of trust, and you think that your spouse will never take good care of your child, you should immediately consult the child custody lawyer so that you can save your child from assault, coercion, negligence, and psychological abuse. You should not feel reluctant while hiring a family lawyer in Mississauga to get your child custody’s case resolved. Why? Because Mississauga lawyers are worthy of the trust that’s why families approach them.


One of the most important decisions you may have to take while getting separated or getting a divorce from your spouse is child custody. The majority of families happily get settled on: Which parent will take custody of a child? However, in complicated situations, child custody cases get settled in courts. The court takes domestic violence on a child very seriously and does its best to give child custody to a deserving parent. The child’s greatest interests get decided under Section 24 of Ontario’s Children’s Law Reform Act. One needs a family lawyer in Mississauga to get the child custody case settled. Finally, if any of the parents get found guilty of domestic violence, such a parent gets punished by the court in Canada, because the judges are always doing their best to serve justice to the children’s parents.

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