Top Reasons Behind the Rising Health Related Issues in Today’s Society

Health Related Issues

A 2020 report shows that almost 62% of Indian participants fall under the category of high-risk to borderline diseases on the overall disease spectrum. It further states that individuals in the age group of 19 to 30 years are the most prone to such conditions due to unhealthy habits.

Nonetheless, to streamline the health industry in India, several multispecialty hospitals with advanced healthcare facilities are being established. Individuals can also use financial tools like health cards to bear the expenses of their medical treatments at such partner facilities of their card providers. 

However, it is also imperative to learn about the reasons behind the rising number of health issues for overall health and wellness.  

Reasons behind the rising health-related issues

The following are some crucial factors that are stimulating the growth of health issues in India, especially in its urban regions.

  • Increasing levels of environmental pollution

Owing to a growing population, environmental pollution is also on the rise, contributing to deteriorating public health. Several Indian cities, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal, etc., are identified as most polluted locations globally. Needless to say, inhaling the polluted air and drinking unclean water can lead to developing several health conditions and an aggravation of the pre-existing ones. For instance, prolonged exposure to low air quality can cause asthma, and even lung cancer, in the long run.

  • Poor waste management

Another significant threat to public health is poor waste management. In most cases, improper waste dumping, poor sanitation, faulty sewage system, etc. can cause tremendous health hazards. While such waste mixes with water bodies, humans get directly affected. Resultantly, diseases like cholera, typhoid, etc. make individuals sick, and often inviting special care at multispecialty hospitals.

  • Lack of awareness 

While the government is trying hard to increase awareness for the primary hygiene regime and other such habits, a lot of individuals still continue unhygienic practices. As a result, they keep on spitting on the road, dump garbage on the street, etc. Such practices often lead to severe communicable diseases, like dengue, malaria, etc.   

  • Rising incidence of healthcare expenses

A large section of society still cannot afford quality healthcare. The medical care expenses, typically at private multispecialty hospitals, are often high, limiting their access to the common populace. Resultantly, a lack of treatment or late diagnosis makes the situation worse. 

It further increases the risk of ailing patients multifold while inviting increased healthcare expenses. Therefore, a significant populace of the country suffers from deteriorated health conditions due to its financial shortcomings.

These are some of the most common factors that lead to the aggravation of health issues in the country. While identifying a health concern in time is essential, it is equally important to remain prepared with suitable financing to address the rising cost of medical care affordably. Availing a health card in such circumstances can significantly simplify healthcare financing.

Pros of using a health card 

Cards like the Bajaj Health EMI Network Card can prove to be a reliable financial friend in case of emergencies considering the following features they accompany.

  1. EMI conversion of healthcare payments

Availing this card, individuals can break their costly medical bills into affordable EMIs and pay at their convenience. It ensures that cardholders do not need to spend a substantial amount at once.

2. Availability of considerable financing

Using the health card, eligible individuals can avail of a pre-approved financing limit of up to Rs.4 lakh. The amount is sufficient to cover most medical expenses. Individuals can thus use the funds at any multispecialty hospital and repay the amount later in installments.

3. Flexible tenure 

Individuals can repay the amount via flexible tenures of up to 24 months. 

4. Covers all family members

Using this card, you can pay medical bills for every family member, like parents, spouse, children, and siblings. Therefore, you do not need to avail a separate card for everyone.

5. Instant approval and activation 

Moreover, this health card gets activated instantly after approval against payment of Rs.707. It means you can start leveraging the benefits as soon as you get it. All you need to do is apply for this health card and track the usage by logging into the account.

If not in a hurry for healthcare-related payments, you can also opt for the non-insta variant of the card at Rs.589.

6. Pan India coverage

Another excellent feature of this health card includes individuals who can swipe this card at other cities other than its place of issuing in India. Hence, if the cardholder shifts to another city, he/she can still use the card at any multispecialty hospitals, pharmacies, diagnostic centres and several other medical facilities, whereby the count of such facilities crosses the 5,500-mark with a presence in over 1,000 cities. 

As for the rising disease burden in India, several reasons contribute to the different health-related issues in the country. However, making a few lifestyle changes and keeping a health card in place can simplify the management of medical conditions. 


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