Which charcoal should I choose for my barbecue?

types of charcoal

Summer rhymes with relaxation and with it, the barbecue season which delights more than one. If you like the smell of grilled meats on the coals, while everyone is sipping their favorite cocktail, you can also wonder what is hidden in the contents of the bag of charcoal that feeds the barbecue…

Choosing barbecue fuel?

Economical and easy to find, especially in summer, charcoal is the most frequently used fuel. It is very appreciated for the delicate fragrance it leaves on your dishes. There are several other natural fuels such as coconut husks, grapevine wood, and corn cobs. But you still have to know where to find it and how much to use for a whole afternoon. You also need to know the correct methods for lighting and using it, as well as for cleaning up the ashes. So many questions that will end up discouraging a supposedly friendly moment for a barbecue.

How to start charcoal?

First of all, lighting a best charcoal for bbq can be a chore for some and for others a snap. There are two surefire and easy methods to not be put off by this task. Then, the first technique is to put the charcoals so as to form a hole. We insert newspaper or dry wood and use a match long enough to light them. Then cover the hole with charcoal, taking care not to suffocate it and allow air to pass through. Finally, the second method requires the use of a fire starter. The use of ecological fire starters will not leave chemical tastes or odors.

Choose for charcoal

Charcoal is a residue formed from carbon as a result of the charring of wood in the absence of oxygen. Depending on the type of wood used, it delicately scents your dishes, which makes barbecue successful.

It is characterized above all by a long combustion and a fast ignition time. Charcoal is ideal for foods that require quickly and direct cooking. To obtain a constant burning time, it is necessary to use a sufficient quantity for the dishes of your grill. On the other hand, if you plan to put on the fire large pieces such as steaks or even a whole chicken, it is preferable to opt for the second category coming from “hardwoods”. It has a much more interesting heating capacity.

Note that to cook 1 kg of meat, you will need 4 l of charcoal. So, it is important to consider this point so that you do not run out of fuel in the middle of your activity.

During your purchase, be sure to check the carbon rate contained in the reference in question. It must be greater than 80% for you to benefit from optimal performance by offering you good heating durability in order to better grill your food. This indication is usually marked on the back of the product packaging. The design mode of the model must meet certain standards. They usually certify the quality of the components in the package. In any case, prefer specimens made from natural materials in order to avoid health concerns, but also so that you can contribute to the preservation of the environment.

The different types of charcoal

There are several types of charcoal on the market. For regulars, the choice is easy. But for those who only make this purchase to enjoy the summer, the choice is more complex.

Here are the types of coals we suggest:

  • Quality charcoal: ideal for restaurateurs, this type of charcoal gives an authentic flavor to your items.
  • Argentinian charcoal: it guarantees excellent cooking due to its slow combustion behavior
  • Artisanal charcoal: made in small quantities, it is charcoal that lasts longer than industrial charcoal.
  • The one made from bamboo: it has the particularity of regulating humidity.
  • Olive wood charcoal: this charcoal is known to give a better taste to your grill.
  • Coconut charcoal: it is distinguished by a long combustion time.

There are of course other types of charcoal such as beech wood, vine charcoal and many others which have many characteristics.

Where to get charcoal?

To choose the right charcoal, you just need to know one of its characteristics by asking your dealer. After taking an order on best charcoal for bbq, you can choose from our drop-off points closest to your locality and collect your charcoal boxes. We also have a home delivery service. The prices and availability of delivery methods depend on your postal code and the quantity of products in the basket. We offer you a simulation by clicking on the “My basket” page.


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