What to know before having extensions

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Now, it is possible to grow your hair several inches in a few hours … How? By opting for hair extensions. However, before getting started, we take the time to learn to be sure to choose the right extensions. Who are the extensions for? What is their price? How to maintain them?

Extensions, yes, but which ones?

Gold Coast Hair Extensions recognizes it: in the extensions department there are now many products available on the market, especially in natural hair. However, not all of them are reliable in terms of quality.

Advice: have a diagnosis done first, in a professional salon to determine the best type of extensions according to what you want. “Depending on what you want, more length and more volume, only more volume or simply put a few strands to give relief to its color, the choice of extensions and installation techniques will be different”. The professional will thus analyze the nature of the hair, which is a determining factor before the installation of extensions. “If the extensions are a priori suitable for everyone, we do not put any extension on any type of hair”, specifies the specialist. The objective is to respect the nature of the hair with extensions whose weight will be adapted. On the short hair side, those who have a very short cut will have to wait a bit because it takes a minimum length of 10 cm so that we do not see the attachment point.

How are the extensions fixed?

The nature of the hair will determine the point of attachment, in particular its width. There are several sizes, normal, medium or micro (with very fine wicks). The challenge is to make the attachment perfectly invisible, both to the sight and to the touch. “You can also vary the attachment points, for example by putting very fine attachment points on the sides where the hair is lighter,”. It also helps to avoid problems of breakage or hair loss , which could happen with a too heavy or unsuitable tie. The extensions are placed 1 cm from the roots. However, there are several fixing systems. The attachment points are found in synthetic keratin: softened then fixed to the hair, it hardens after 2 seconds.

There are also vegetable glue systems specially designed for the hair. With the extensions called “Quickies”, we place small strips of hair sandwiched in a wick, which is fixed with a small adhesive tape. It is an ideal technique to give more volume, and it is suitable for all types of hair because it has the advantage of being very light. In addition, its hold is longer since it is enough to change the sticky tape and raise the wick to extend the life of the extensions.

How is an extension installation carried out?

It takes a few hours – between 3 and 4 – to have extensions installed. This appointment includes the diagnosis, shampooing, fitting, drying, cutting. It is the average duration of a traditional pose, which plays on the length.

With Quickies, the installation is much faster. And the desired effect also plays on the duration of the appointment! “If the desired effect is simply additional volume, it may sometimes be sufficient to apply about fifty strands, which is done in 1 hour” All the volume work is less important.”

Then, the salon manages the follow-up: “once a month for 3 months after installation, explains the expert, you have to come back to the salon to cut the knots and untangle the extensions, then get rid of the small (natural) hairs that are forming. would get stuck in the extensions when falling “. When you buy a service in a salon, the price of the package normally includes installation, maintenance and removal. For extensions in length, it is necessary to pose 100 wicks at least. This helps to bring length and density to the hair.

How to maintain them on a daily basis?

when you want to have extensions installed, you have to be ready for more maintenance, the drying time is longer for example”.

This is even more true if you have extensions fitted during the pre-departure period on vacation: the sea, the sun, the swimming pool … All these elements involve more hair care. “Natural extensions need to be maintained like your own hair. No need for particular products or specific ranges, we simply increase the frequency of our treatments, to make the shine last.”

How long can you keep your extensions?

Specialists advise not to exceed 3 or 4 months of installation: “the hair continues to grow about 1 centimeter per month, which brings down the point of attachment to 3 or 4 cm from the roots. At this time- there, not only does it become visible, but the hair tends to tangle more and more,

In addition, the hair needs to breathe, so we recommend removing it after 3 to 4 months. “For those who are really fans of extensions, we do not exceed 3 exposures maximum per year, and we let the hair rest for about two months so as not to weaken it too much.”



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