Understanding Insurance Basics

Understanding Insurance Basics

Insurance covers you and your property in case of an unfortunate occurrence. However, learning how it works is not easy. So, it is best to understand the basic concepts such as the correct type of insurance, premium, and where to get the insurance cover.

Terms Used in Insurance 

Agent– This is a licensed representative of an insurance company. An agent is mandated to sell insurance products.

Claim -This is an official request to the insurance company to get paid after a loss.

Coverage –Coverage is the maximum money an insurance company will pay you in an event covered by the policy.

Broker- A broker is either a company or a person who sells insurance products on behalf of others.

Policy- This is a legal contract between you and the insurer, and it specifies what risks are covered and the amount to be paid.

Premium: Premium is the amount you pay to purchase insurance, and it is usually paid monthly or yearly.

Types of Insurance 

Life Insurance

There are a variety of life insurance policies. Basic life insurance is not expensive, and it pays a specific amount of money in case you die within the policy’s timeframe. There is also permanent life insurance which remains active as long as you pay the premiums.

Homeowners Insurance

This insurance pays in case your house gets damaged partially or wholly. The insurance will also cover damaged things and cater to your rent when your home is under repair. If you have rented a house, ask Denver insurance brokers the amount of premium you should pay to insure your personal belongings.

Long Term Care Insurance

If you need either short or long-term care, consider this insurance. If you have assets that can pay for your care, then you shouldn’t take strong coverage.

Health Insurance

This insurance pays in case of an illness. Medical care is expensive and can leave you penniless or be declared bankrupt when you fail to raise hospital bills. Health insurance is vital to cater to such unfortunate occurrences.  

Automobile Insurance

This insurance pays in case you get into an accident, and it covers medical costs and other people’s damage if you are at fault.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers accidents that may occur on your premises, and it is usually attached to the homeowner’s policy.

Disability Insurance

Major corporations offer this type of insurance to their employees. If you become partially or permanently disabled, the coverage will replace your monthly pay.

Who Offers Insurance? 

Private insurers: Most health care providers provide medical cover to subscribers.

Mutual Companies: The companies are owned by policyholders.

Stock Companies: These companies are owned by stockholders who share losses and profits.

Government Insurers: Most governments offer insurance cover in case of catastrophic occurrences.

Most people don’t like anything to do with insurance, but it is very vital. Having a cover offers peace of mind because you know you are covered in case of an illness, disability, loss of property, and business. Yes, some premiums can be costly, but the benefits are worthwhile. Visit an insurance company and learn about the basics.


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