WDSI Data Science Grants for Universities Worth $300 Mn

Grants for Universities

Data has been produced in excessively high volumes off late. For instance, 90% of the world data was generated in the last two years alone. 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created each day worldwide. Businesses, in the recent past, have realised the fact that data can be leveraged to help generate added profits and revenues. Data in the present times is considered as fuel to business growth, and to gain a distinct competitive edge in the market. Not just the businesses, but data analytics has had helped in bettering the lives of humans over a number of years in the past.

A few examples of data improving the human lives would comprise:

  • Personalised Shopping Experience: Data related to people’s past shopping history tells online portals what’s next to recommend to customers in terms of products & services.
  • Public Security & Safety: With data available to the police regarding the common places of crime and the most likely timimgs at which they had happened in the past, they can make sure to keep an eye at such places, during the times when the chances of a crime happening are high.
  • Customized Entertainment Recommendations: Data specific to our likings in music and videos can be tracked by ‘music service’ and ‘video-on-demand’ software applications, and basis that, they can recommend us songs, movies, and videos as per our taste in each of these categories.

The above given examples of data improving the human life and making it more comfortable than ever, are clear signals to putting in more efforts to fund and execute on research work in the data science domain. And that’s where the role of WDSI comes into play.

WDSI Offering Universities/Colleges Subsidies Worth $300 Mn

WDSI, or World Data Science Initiative, aims to offer $300 million in subsidies and grants for universities/colleges that impart data science education, and are located anywhere in the world (5 continents). Any university/college that meets the eligibility for registration can enrol itself online on the WDSI web portal by filling in the application form. The select institutes/universities will be offered big subsidies on data science accreditation by DASCA (Data Science Council of America), and their students will be offered enrolment into the world-class and industry-leading DASCA credentialing programs at a highly discounted price.

Objective of WDSI

The goal of the said initiative (WDSI) is to develop a data science talent force of 250,000+ individuals by 2022 who will take the data science research forward in the times to come. A few chosen universities under WDSI will have “International Centres of Data Science’ set up within their campus premises wherein advanced global programs in data science, ML, & AI will be taught. 

Education project bodies of World Bank and United Nations (UN) too are invested in the said data science research initiative nurturing the learning needs of future data science talent. Huge subsidies in higher education in data science are being offered under WDSI to promote the humanitarian research work in the concerned domain.

Data Science Research Project Ideas for Industry Aspirants

Determining Dog Breeds Deploying Neural Networks

This would be an image-sorting project that would help determine the breed of a dog by looking and analysing the images of the mentioned animal. The said project will need to leverage concepts of neural networks. The goal of such a data science project should be developing a model that will be better than human beings at determining the breed of a dog based on his image.

Identifying Fake (Made-Up) News

This would prove to be a great project idea for aspirants to work on to. On social media, each day, hundreds and thousands of fake news articles appear that intend to deceive the general public. Basically, such news pieces are either propaganda-based, or clickbaits. An aspirant can take this challenging project up that will make him devise a data-analytics model that will help determine the trustworthiness of news on varied social media platforms.


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