What Type of Tiles Or Home Should You Choose?


What type of tiles or home you select depends on your budget, maintenance needs and aesthetic preferences. Tiles come in an assortment of colours and patterns; ceramic home tiles tend to be used for bathrooms and kitchens as they are hardwearing yet easy to keep clean.

Marble tile offers luxurious veining while slate tiles provide dramatic looks at an affordable price point, but require sealant to prevent water penetration and further sealing as necessary.

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Ceramic tiles are made of baked clay and designed to be easy to maintain and keep looking their best in busy households, such as homes with children or pets. Ceramics also require less sealing than natural hardwood and can withstand frequent cleaning without chipping or scratching under heavy foot traffic without chipping or scratching – saving energy costs year round and saving money with each dollar you save on heating or cooling your home!

Ceramic is a popular choice among eco-conscious home buyers because of its low environmental impact. Tile ingredients can often be sourced locally, which reduces long-distance transportation and fuel usage needs. Furthermore, durable materials last generations without constant renovation needs or waste filling landfills.

Ceramic tiles can be utilized in numerous interior design applications, from bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes to countertops and even outdoor installations such as garden paths or patios.


Porcelain tile has long been an elegant addition to home designs. As a durable option that resists chips and scratches, porcelain is easy to keep clean while its low water absorption allows for quick maintenance and hygiene.

Porcelain tiles boast high durability ratings and make an excellent choice for areas with heavy foot traffic. Their wide array of colors and styles includes matte finishes that resemble natural stone. Furthermore, compared with less dense ceramic tile options such as ceramic mosaic tile or even mosaic stone tiles, porcelain can withstand wear and tear more efficiently.

Porcelain tile comes in two varieties, through-bodied and glazed. Through-bodied porcelain is unglazed and shows its color through all its depth, while glazed porcelain has been coated with a hard finish after being fired in a kiln that acts as a glaze, giving the tile protection while giving it a glossy sheen and adding extra protection from chips (though even Superman can be chipped!). A thicker glaze can even act as a shield reducing chipping (though even Superman occasionally chips!).


Marble tiles add a classic aesthetic and feel to any room in your home, be it the bathroom, kitchen or both! Their beauty adds value and class. Furthermore, it has become popular flooring choice in resort areas due to their luxurious appearance.

Like other natural stones, marble requires special care and maintenance for optimal use. It can become stained by acidic substances like coffee, tea, wine, soda, berries from tomato products, vinegar oils tobacco bleach harsh cleaning chemicals and hard tap water, which may etch and stain it over time.

Marbles are limestones or dolostones that have been metamorphosed, recrystallizing individual calcite or dolomite crystals into larger ones. Depending on its degree of metamorphism, marble can exhibit banding that looks vaguer or not as distinct than fresh limestones; its use as mosaics often serves to create slopes in shower floors while offering natural non-slip surfaces in kitchen backsplashes.

Terra Cotta

Terra-cotta clay is a low-temperature fired ceramic material that can be formed into various forms and hues with ease. Terracotta tiles and roofs made of clay provide durability, water resistance and insulation–saving homeowners money on heating and cooling bills in turn.

Terra-cotta’s porous surface, when unglazed, makes stain removal from liquids such as oils, vinegar and citric acid difficult and requires regular sealing and resealing to maintain an appearance that appears new.

Terra cotta tile adds rustic charm to homes with country or Mediterranean styles. Saltillo tiles, an earth-toned type of handcrafted terra cotta tile, are especially ideal for this purpose and fit seamlessly with Spanish, Mexican or Southwest decor themes.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles add elegance and sophistication to any room they adorn, from floors to backsplashes and outdoor spaces. Many people opt for polished finishes on their natural stone tiles, creating an opulent and sophisticated aesthetic while still highlighting intricate stone details and variations within each stone itself.

Natural stone tiles are an excellent way to add rustic or country touches into a home, pairing well with other natural elements like plants. Plus, their durability means that you’ll get plenty of wear out of them before showing any signs of damage.

Natural stone tile can be quite expensive and labor costs to install are often higher than with other forms. Plus, its weight may not support itself properly on floors or walls; so before investing in them it is wise to first ensure they can support themselves adequately before purchasing any tiles.


For decades, stainless steel was the go-to metallic backsplash choice, but bronze, pewter, brass and copper have become equally attractive options. These metal tiles are long-wearing and resistant to heat, moisture and food stains. Available in different colors, finishes and textures such as polished or shiny surfaces with polished or brushed textures or 3D designs; peel-and-stick products make redecorating easier; use unsanded grout when installing them to avoid scratching their surfaces.

Metal-look tiles add an air of luxury and sophistication to any bathroom or kitchen, reflecting light around the room and brightening and expanding it. Create an eye-catching effect by mixing metallic accents with stone or ceramic surfaces. Copper or burnished gold accessories elevate this style further for added warmth and sophistication.

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