Wow, congrats on taking the plunge and getting your first apartment. Now comes the exciting part, when you get to play interior designer and give this brand-new room a look that reflects your personality, tastes, and artistic sensibilities. You’ve been collecting inspiration for a new look on Pinterest and consulting experts for advice, and now you’re ready to get started, but money is tight. You may furnish and decorate your new place for less than you would think by shopping at discount department stores, online, at flea markets, on Etsy, and on Craigslist, among other places.

You’ll have to do some investigating, but isn’t that half the fun? Here’s some good news: we went out and found some amazing deals on things we know you’ll enjoy. You can furnish your first apartment with style without breaking the bank by shopping these amazing deals. It’s a promise we can keep.

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Dining Room Table

Do you recall the days when a milk box served as your nightstand? We’ve all been there, and I find myself remembering those times with a certain amount of fondness. But now that you’ve moved into your very own apartment, you can make it really your own by decorating it to reflect your own sense of style. One component of the procedure is acquiring a suitable table for eating at. Besides, when you have all those dinner parties, you’ll need a place to put your guests. Please do so.

It’s easy to underestimate the power of this seemingly little table. Don’t be duped by outward looks. If you need additional room for people or food, just pull out the extra sides.

If you’re willing to pay a bit extra money, this gorgeous edition is worth the investment. If you value your money, you should spend it on this one since its sleek design and contemporary feel will make you want to keep it for a long time.


The space in your flat is ideal for a couch that seats three people. A sleeper couch is multipurpose and may be quickly transformed into a bed for visitors. At Inhabitr, we only have premium couches, and their plush fabrics and leathers make them unbelievably cozy.

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Coffee Table 

Any one-bedroom home would benefit from a medium-sized coffee table in the living area. You can have a place to sit and chat, a place to play games, and maybe even more! Because of their limited square footage, studio apartments need multi-purpose furniture and fixtures. You’ve got to see our fantastic selection of coffee tables to believe it!


The versatile ottoman is a chic addition to any living area; it may be used as a footrest after a long day at work, or as an additional seat for unexpected guests. You should kick back in comfort; you’ve earned it.

Those in search of a multifunctional ottoman/bench have found their match.

It’s nice to have a fashionable place to put your feet up now and again. This ought to should solve the problem.

Furniture at Target is always a great value, and this time is no exception. The new Opal house collection includes a rattan chair that pairs well with this ottoman. Swoon.

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End Table

An end table is the final piece of essential furniture for your studio. A tiny table may appear superfluous, but believe me when I tell that it will save you a lot of headaches and floor space by holding all of your odds and ends. Your keys, phone, and other small items may all fit neatly on your end table. Choose one that can double as a footrest and a bar stool.


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