What is the Smart Byte

What is the Smart Byte

Rivet Networks LLC has developed the Smart Byte application. The standard version of this software is 1.1.502, with which almost 98% of the current installations run. Smart Byte registers itself for launching boot via a Windows Schedule Task to complete the start-up at the set-up time automatically. 

Hence, the installation process gets finished, Smart Byte adds a Windows Service to your PC, which may run continuously in the background. Here, it will force-stop the application from the correct operati

on if you stop this service manually. Thus, you can see more about What is SmartByte in detail.

A vast number of Smart Byte users run this software with Windows 8 PC. Here, almost 76% of the global users of Smart Byte drivers and services belong to the US. Along with that, the Smart Byte application is also popular in the UK or Italy. Thus, you will notice more information about What is SmartByte in this article.

What does Smart Byte do?

Smart Byte is specialized software, which ensures you cut down the buffering time and spend more time enjoying your favorite video. Here, the SmartByte helps you have outstanding streaming and collective video watching experience. Thus, Smart Byte detects, analyzes, and prioritizes critical video traffic.

Thus, this application makes sure, when you have less critical network traffic, it can’t degrade or slow down the quality of the video at the time of watching. SmartByte software is crafting to be compatible with both of the networking options, Intel and Realtek.

Here, it upgrades tracking metrics to get better optimization and offers internal tweaks as well. Smart Byte application primarily works for videos only and might work for selected system IDs. But, Rivet stated that the main specification of designing this software was for it to be simple. Hence, users can easily disable it with a “one-button” if they wish to due to some reason.

Key Features of Smart Byte:

Here, Video Detection is one of the best features of Smart Byte applications. Thus, Smart Byte can easily detect and choose the best network packet for your streaming and interactive videos with this.

Thus, Video Prioritization is another feature, which makes your surfing experience more streamlined. Here, interactive and streaming video packets get into roles that don’t let the video quality be downgraded even in less critical network traffic with this prioritization process.

Finally, the Automatic Bandwidth Detection feature of Smart Byte decides the accessible bandwidth of your PC.

What is the Smart Byte Dell?

Dell has recently contracted the Smart Byte Diagnostic provided by Rivet Networks. On May 30, 2018, this one was announcing Dell’s Inspiron machines. Still, if you are using an older version of Dell, you will get the Smart Byte software with the latest updates. Furthermore, Smart Byte applications will continue to load if a targeted system does not have it earlier.

Now you can consider the higher levels; this prioritization Smart Byte software is integrated into Dell for business customers specifically. Here, Smart Byte gives top priority to videos regarding network traffic. Hence, it is beneficial for Dell’s business customers. Therefore, in the given metrics of the software, it was mentioned and claimed that- a base system offers a 320 × 180 resolution Skype video call with 14% lost data package while the concurrent download is in place.

Similarly, Smart Byte supports 960 × 540 resolution of Skype video with zero data loss package along with a 40 to 50% lower ping. Moreover, with the Smart Byte, you will face zero stream freezing even if you have reached the limit of your internet connection.

What is Rivet Smart Byte?

Many people confuse between Rivet Smart Byte and Smart Byte Dell. Well, there is nothing to get confused about if you have the basics right. The Rivet network has developed the system application for the Dell PC to give videos more bandwidth. Therefore, while streaming with Netflix or having a video call through Skype, you might get buffering.

Smart Byte stops all the automatic Windows updates or Dropbox synchronization processes to render the best streaming experience. By default, this technology is enabled for both the Intel and Realtek wireless chips, as we mentioned previously.



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