What To Do In The Event Of A Seizure

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Seizures can be very frightening to witness. If someone you know has epilepsy, it is important to know the proper protocol for handling a seizure. This way, you can make sure that they remain safe until they can receive medical care. 

Do Not Move Them

It is important to not move a person who is having a seizure unless they are in a dangerous position that could result in injury. Whenever possible, instead of moving the individual it is best to move objects such as furniture away from them. 

Protect Their Head

A seizure can cause a person to violently move their head around. If you can ball up a sweater or cup your hands underneath their head, this will help to protect their head from hitting the ground. 

Do Not Restrain Them

It is important to not restrain someone who is experiencing a seizure in any way. Additionally, you should avoid putting objects inside the mouth. Contrary to urban myth, they will not swallow their tongue, however, an object in their mouth could cause them to choke or break their teeth.

Check For Medical ID

Many individuals who experience seizures will wear a medical ID tag or bracelet of some sort that can help direct you on what to do if such an event occurs. Unless the person has been seriously injured, it is best to wait until you read their medical ID tag to call the 24 hour emergency service Lafayette AL. Many people will ask specifically for an ambulance not to be called.

Although they can be scary, seizures can be handled well if you know what to do. Many people have different experiences with seizures, from duration to severity to recovery time. If you know someone who experiences seizures, talk to them about what they feel is the best course of action for when they have an episode.



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