When and How to Sue for Breach of Contract

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A contract is a legal document intended to protect both parties. If one party fails to fulfill the obligations outlined in the contract, this constitutes a breach of contract.

Breach of Contract Examples

A contract breach may be considered material or immaterial depending on the effects.

For example, suppose you have contracted with a construction contractor to complete renovations on your property by a certain date. The contractor takes a few days longer than expected but eventually completes the work to your satisfaction. This is an immaterial breach of contract.

If, however, you have a tenant waiting to move into the property and the delay causes you to lose rental income, this is considered a material breach. In the event of a material breach of contract Anthem AZ attorneys can help you sue the other party for damages.

Breach of Contract Lawsuit

If the breach of contract has caused a financial loss, you may decide to file a lawsuit. Take these steps to improve your chances of recovering damages.

1. Get a Lawyer

A lawyer who specializes in contract law can help you build a strong case. Your lawyer can also handle communication with the other party’s legal team.

2. Compile Written Documents

In addition to a copy of the contract, it helps to have copies of emails and text messages between you and the other party. If your contract was a verbal agreement, you may still be able to sue for breach of contract if you have proof that the other party agreed to specific terms and then failed to meet them.

3. Calculate Your Damages

Determine how much money you lost as a result of the breach of contract. You must provide evidence of your financial loss, as well as evidence that the loss was the result of the other party’s actions.

While some contract breaches are minor, others can be costly. It is important to understand your options and know what actions to take if a breach of contract affects you.


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