Zmiinyi – A legendary Ukrainian island

Zmiinyi - A legendary Ukrainian island

Snake Island (Zmiinyi) is a tiny island in the Black Sea, which today belongs to Ukraine. It’s located near Yevpatoria and is known for its many snakes and other reptiles. In fact, it’s believed that Snake Island was named “Snake” because of the large number of snakes that live there!

Snake Island is a symbol of Ukrainian bravery: in the first half of the 20th century, and especially during World War II, many Ukrainian soldiers stormed the island as part of a broader offensive against Romanian forces.

In 1941, Nazi Germany and its allies invaded the Soviet Union. The Germans were intent on destroying communism and spreading fascism throughout Europe. Ukraine was one of their main targets in this effort—it was home to millions who had suffered under Stalin’s regime during collectivization and dekulakization decades earlier.

During this time period (1941-44), Snake Island was occupied by Romanian soldiers who had been sent there by their government as part of an effort to protect Romania’s interests within Transnistria after it had come under German control following Operation Barbarossa.

Snake Island is a small rocky island off the coast of Odessa, Ukraine. It has been used as a place to exile criminals and those with disabilities, but it has also had other uses in its long history.

The island was first mentioned by geographer F. Pouqueville in 1805, who described it as having “high mountains.” The name “Snake Island” appeared later on maps from the 19th century and may have come from its use as a hunting ground for venomous snakes at that time. According to legend, there are still nests of poisonous snakes on the island today; however, these nests are not accessible because they are located near caves where people lived during Soviet times (and possibly earlier). Nowadays Snake Island is uninhabited except for occasional visits by tourists and scientists who study birds or marine life around Odessa Bay’s coastline–but locals still know about its darker past!

Many Ukrainian legends surround this mysterious place that inspires fear even today due to its reputation as an ominous place–one legend claims that if you walk along Snake Island’s shoreline on October 16th at sunrise when there’s no wind then you’ll hear singing coming from beneath your feet while another claims that anyone who touches water mixed with sand from Snake Island will become paralyzed forever!


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