3 Fun and Delicious Cakes to Bake With Your Kids

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Summer break is on the way, meaning that you’re probably looking for things to do with your kids. Have some fun and inspire your kids’ inner baking spirits with these fun and delicious cake recipes.

Butter Cake

If you’re looking for a cake to cook that uses only basic ingredients, butter cake is the one for you. It requires staples that are likely already in your kitchen. However, you can get creative with the topping – if you choose to add one. In either case, this can be a simple, delicious recipe or a good foundation for creativity.

Chocolate Brownie Cake

Kids love brownies and they love cake. Why not mix both in one dessert? Chocolate brownie cake is great topped with fruit, whipped cream, icing, caramel sauce, and just about anything else you can imagine. Just be sure you’re prepared for the mess – and the sugar rush.

Rainbow Fairy Cakes

Fairy cakes are fluffy cakes that require only sugar, butter, self-rising flour, eggs, and vanilla to make. Kids love them, but you can make it a little more fun by turning them into rainbow cakes.

After mixing the ingredients, separate the cake mix into a few different bowls. Then, add the food coloring of your choice to each bowl. Let your kids spoon the different colors in as they choose.


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