Benefits of Prerolls


You could purchase mikro edibles and rolling papers or pre-rolls, but which serves your needs better? If your doctor just prescribed cannabis, you may find pre-rolls easier. Here’s why.

Rolling Challenges

Getting just the right amount of cannabis in the rolling paper, rolling it shut, and sealing it can prove complex for many new consumers. A pre-roll pack provides the convenience of cigarettes for medication. You get the same amount of cannabis in every cigarette.


A packet of pre-rolls you can easily grab and go. They travel well and you can fit them in your pocket or purse. This makes it easier to transport them. If you roll them yourself, you need papers, the bag or container of cannabis, and the sealant. If you want a filter tip, you need those, too.

Research Done for You

Using pre-rolls provides you with a way to obtain a finished product proven effective as a method of medicating.

You won’t need to research strains or grind and measure any cannabis. Pre-rolls also spare you from needing to purchase equipment.

Variety Available

Using pre rolls California-made dispensaries offer still provides you with a range of options. Whether you need Indica or Sativa, you can find it in pre-rolls.


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