3 Things You Should Know About Fire Prevention

3 Things You Should Know About Fire Prevention

Fire prevention tools and tips can help many people make sure their businesses, homes and public buildings are safe. Here are three things you should know about fire prevention.

1. Protection And Suppression Systems

One of the most common tools for fire prevention is a fire protection and suppression system. There are standards each system must meet, which vary by building function rather than by jurisdiction. For example, restaurant fire protection systems NYC and LA will both need to meet certain specifications while a system at a hospital in Boston will have different standards.

2. Fire Safety Tips

Fire safety is as important in private residences as it is in public, institutional and corporate buildings. You should develop and discuss a fire evacuation plan with your family and make sure everyone is aware that they need to leave the home and call 911 immediately and avoid the temptation to go back in for anything. You should also install and regularly test smoke and carbon monoxide detection systems.

3. Things To Avoid To Prevent Fires

While you should always be aware of what to do in case of fire, you should also know what to do to prevent fires. Make sure you avoid smoking indoors or leaving candles, ovens, stovetops and fireplaces unattended. Don’t store grills or fuel sources inside your home and don’t use grills too close to your home. Don’t tamper with your fire prevention or detection systems. Regularly inspect your fire prevention and detection systems, as well as your electronic devices, wires and electrical wiring within your home. If you notice any exposed wires or faulty devices, get them professionally repaired or replace them.

Fire prevention is vital to the health and safety of individuals and communities. If you understand how to prevent and protect against fires, you’re more likely to stay safe if you’re around one.


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