3 Tools That Use Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic Fluids

Appliances and machinery that people use for their homes and backyards require many things to keep them powered, including electrical power, oils, and other sources of fuel. Some equipment is powered via a hydraulic system, which is a mechanical force that functions by forcing liquid pressure into the components. Here are three pieces of equipment or machinery that use hydraulic fluids. 

1. Brakes

Brakes in most common vehicles use either air or hydraulics. Air brakes are generally used on larger commercial vehicles, and work by delivering compressed air to the system, allowing the vehicle to stop or go as instructed. Passenger vehicles use hydraulic brakes, meaning that a liquid known as brake fluid is used to make the brakes work safely. If a hydraulic brake system begins to make squeaking or grinding noises, or if the driver notices a vibration when applying pressure to the brakes, it might be time to purchase a new brake fluid or another lubricant supplier VA for the device. 

2. Industrial Machinery

Those who work in the manufacturing and construction industries see a significant amount of heavy machinery producing goods alongside people. Some of these machines are hydraulic machines, which need liquids to perform their jobs. A few of the more common machines that use hydraulics include excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, and dump trucks. This equipment assists with building new houses and highrises, priming the land for mining or agriculture, and taking away waste that clutters residential areas and industrial sites. 

3. Airplanes

Aircraft are one of the largest vehicles that use hydraulics to help power them along and work as needed. The hydraulics in airplanes assist with everything from the landing gear, brakes, thrust reversers, and flight controls. Thank this near-silent component of an aircraft the next time you fly.

These are just three of the numerous things that use hydraulic fluids to operate. 


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