5 Common Causes of Personal Injuries

5 Common Causes of Personal Injuries

If you recently sustained a serious personal injury, you are not alone. Every year, thousands of Americans walk in your shoes. With that said, knowing that fact does not make calling a Rockville MD personal injury lawyer any easier. 

As it turns out, personal injuries happen for many different reasons. Sometimes, unintentional accidents like workplace machinery malfunctioning or vehicle collisions occur. Other times, however, injuries are the result of the intentional and malicious actions of another person. Here is a closer look at five common causes of personal injuries. 

1. Auto Accidents

Without a doubt, a huge number of the most serious personal injuries occur in automobile accidents. Because there can be multiple factors that may contribute to a vehicle collision, cars can lead to many different kinds of injuries. 

2. Workplace Accidents

Workplaces accidents are another common cause of personal injuries. For faulty machinery to slips and falls to burns and other accidents, there are numerous situations where an individual might suffer an injury while on the job. 

3. Assault

Other times, harm is not accidental. Unfortunately, there are also many injuries that result from intentional human actions. Whether a perpetrator uses a weapon is irrelevant to this point. If it is intentional, it still falls under assault. 

4. Product Defect Accidents

Have you ever bought a product that somehow injured you, a family member or a pet in some way? If you have, you are, again, among countless others who have been in your position. Every year, product defect accidents are responsible for a significant number of personal injuries. 

5. Medical Malpractice

Finally, another leading cause of personal injury is medical malpractice. Sometimes, malpractice is intentional, and other times it is not. Regardless, it still makes up a large percent of personal injury cases in the United States. 

What do you think? Have you ever sustained a personal injury for one of these reasons? If so, make sure you get the help you deserve!


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