6 Benefits of Using Pipe Handling Equipment in Oil Mining Sites

Boiler pipe Cover

Working in the oil and gas industry has its share of dangers, from fires and explosions to slips and falls. However, one of the lesser-known hazards is working with pipes. Handling pipes safely is essential for everyone’s safety on site. Here are some of the benefits of using pipe handling equipment in oil and gas field sites.

1. Improve Employee Safety

The highest priority in the oil and gas industry is to keep everyone on site safe. Using oilfield equipment rentals from Diamond T Services, workers can ensure their safety when lifting heavy objects. Using proper techniques for lifting pipes ensures that weight stress is adequately distributed across your body. This reduces the risk of injury to muscles or joints by overloading them during the lifting process.

2. Minimize Down Time

Lifting and moving piping can be difficult and time-consuming. However, workers can minimize the downtime associated with tripping pipes around a site by using lifting equipment such as cranes and wire rope slings. This will cut back on the amount of time you spend on this task and free up your time to work on other essential tasks.

3. Decrease Site Damage

Workers can minimize the risk of damage on-site by using lifting equipment to move piping around a site. Handling heavy objects such as piping is often more than enough to cause damage to floors, walls and other things in the area. By using lifting equipment, workers can minimize this possibility and keep their worksites looking more appealing.

4. Keep the Work Area Clean

Oil spills and other types of dirt can be difficult to clean up, especially in a busy work area. When you mishandle pipes, it’s much easier for them to become dirty or damaged. Using tapered forks or a handling arch, workers can ensure that their equipment is safe, clean, and functional for future use.

5. Reduce Fatigue

Oil companies are always on the lookout for ways to improve worker efficiency. One way to do this is by reducing fatigue. When workers don’t have to struggle with heavy pipes, they can focus their energy on other tasks that require attention. Workers who are more focused and less tired produce better work, leading to improved productivity for your company.

6. Ensure Compliance

Finally, you can use pipe handling equipment to comply with industry standards. Forklifts, for example, are not allowed on most oil and gas sites due to the risk of fire or explosion they pose. However, if a company has tapered forks, they can easily transport piping without risking danger. Using the right equipment can ensure that companies remain safe and in compliance.

There are many benefits to using pipe handling equipment in oil and gas field sites. Companies should select the proper equipment based on their needs for safety, cleanliness, precision, and compliance. Pipe handling equipment helps companies reduce damage to piping, costs associated with downtime, and the risk of injury to workers.


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