Benefits of dry fire training


In today’s society where insecurity and fear are becoming the new normal more citizens are finding security in firearms. However, with the increasing sales of firearms we are not seeing an increase in availability for firearms training due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has made it increasingly harder for new firearms handlers to get the proper training in firearms safety due to the lack of classes and the increasing price of ammunition. Therefore, there is a growing need for firearm owners to find an alternative to learning proper gun handling techniques and becoming more comfortable with shooting a firearm. An alternative firearm owners can look into is dry fire training, this type of training will allow them to save money, learn proper firearm safety, and get comfortable with handling a firearm all in the comfort of their home.

Dry fire training allows firearm owners to save money because, they do not need to use/purchase ammunition and it allows them to train in the comfort of their home. Dry fire training only requires the firearm and a location that the owner feels comfortable in. This specific training doesn’t require a special gun range or location like many other firearms training courses do. With that being said, firearm owners can being looking up proper gun safety and handling videos on up on YouTube or any gun manufacturers website to begin their training. Once the firearm owners are comfortable and feel like the have mastered the basic safety and handling skills they can begin to look into more advanced techniques.

Once a firearm owner has the basics of firearm safety and handling, they can begin to practice a shooting stance and getting comfortable with pulling the trigger on their gun. Now before any firearm owner begins to practice this part of dry fire training it is important for them to make sure the guns chamber and magazine are empty to avoid any accidentally injuries. Once the firearm owner has cleared their weapon they can then begin to point their firearm at their target and practice pulling the trigger. Even though, this technique does not prepare a firearm owner for the sound of discharging a firearm it does allow them to get comfortable with pulling the trigger. Once a firearm owner has began feeling comfortable and confident in their training they can then begin to look into going to gun ranges to put all their training in to perspective and begin to get used to the noise and backfire of shooting a loaded firearm. After a firearm owner is comfortable with that, they can begin to look into more advanced training classes to be able to advance their knowledge during skills.

Therefore, today’s society can be more confident in looking at purchasing a firearm when they become aware that dry fire training is available to help them in firearm safety and handling. When firearm owners are already worried about their safety and how they are going to protect their family the last thing they should have to worry about is how to afford proper training. That is why it is more important now that firearm owners become more aware of dry fire training versus group training classes.


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