Best Ways to Detect Misaligned Car Headlights

headlight alignement

Almost all vehicles moving around on the road typically possess some adjustment bolts for headlight alignment and assemblage on a proper elevated level and height from the ground. A few vehicles even have some adjustment screws for this purpose and they are fitted in the horizontal direction for having achieved this aim separately.  While, on the other hand, some other cars do have a kind of unique bubble leveling system that helps the driver to have the proper adjustments and fittings anytime anywhere.

On a few cars, you might see that they even have no space at all, or very little space to reach these adjusters appropriately without having the need to remove and back again fix the different car parts like for example, the car’s battery.

In addition to that, for getting the most accurate reading and while checking the proper headlight alignment, it is always recommended to ensure that you park your car on an equally leveled ground surface. Generally, the riding height of your vehicular car should never affect the cargo really, damaged suspension parts, flat tyres as well as the car itself need to be exactly perpendicular to the leveled ground surface on which you are going to conduct the entire testing process of the shining headlights.


Top 2 Methods to Detect Car’s Improper Headlight Alignment

Method 1

One common and most feasible way for the purpose of detecting that if your car’s headlights are not properly aligned is to first park it on a leveled surface and then turn the headlights on, in order to check whether they shine on the garage floor directly, or on any wall which is approximately 25 feet ahead of your vehicle. (Note: This rough distance may vary depending on the type of vehicle you have or the area of your garage)

In an ideal case, the top-most part of the low lighting beam which is assumed to be shining directly on the wall is considered to be precisely at, or just a little below the exact height of the lens center of most cars’ headlights.

Therefore, you should generally expect that your car headlight’s light pattern must be slightly higher on the right side which is the passenger side of the car. This is particularly true because it is specially meant to illuminate and brighten the road signs. And the light beaming from the driver’s side (left side of the car) should be lower so that it would not be readily blinding other car driving fellows on the road. This thing particularly avoids several accidents to occur.

Moreover, by utilizing this method solely, you can effortlessly detect if your headlight alignment is not proper and if the beams of light coming out from the headlight of both sides of your vehicle are perfectly aimed or they need some proper adjustment in tyres centre of any reliable company like Rathdowney Quick Fit.

Method 2

Another great method of checking the different misalignment issues regarding your car’s headlights is simply by pulling your vehicle in a nearby range of 5 feet from a straight wall standing upright. Then turn on the headlights and take a masking tape to detect and mark the horizontal as well as vertical centers of the light beams coming out of them and hitting at specified areas on that wall.

Now, after some time, move your vehicle slightly backward roughly about 25 feet away. And check the difference among the light beams coming out from both side headlights that: Are they roughly on the same height both vertically and horizontally with exact central distances?  Thus, in this way, you can easily indicate proper headlight alignment by marking on the wall with tape lines.


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