Tips to consider when shopping for a diamond engagement rings UAE?

diamond engagement rings

Diamonds are usually regarded as the girl’s best friends. But only a few individuals are well aware of shopping for the best diamonds for their engagement or wedding rings. Everyone else struggles to find and get a pure diamond for their loved ones. Therefore, if you are looking forward to buying your dreamy engagement diamond rings and do not want to get duped or lose your hard-earned money, read the below given essential tips to get better their better knowledge and understanding. These tips will surely let you have the ideal one for you and your partner without wasting much time and money. 

Top 5 Significant Tips to Consider While Shopping for Diamond Engagement Rings Dubai

1.    Check out all the 4Cs

The foremost thing to consider for a diamond ring is to check out all the characteristics Cs for it. The 4Cs are the language of diamonds, and they are given as follows:

  1. Cut – The quality of the diamond cut indicates how well it will unleash the light.
  2. Clarity – It generally refers to the absence of different blemished and inclusions
  3. Color – D to Z are different color grades of diamond’s lack of color. Diamonds with a bit of color in them are scarce naturally.
  4. Carat – Carat is the unit of weight measurement for diamonds. Thus, it determines their apparent size.

While buying diamond engagement rings UAE for your partner, it is crucial not to compromise on the above 4Cs.

engagement rings UAE

2.    Consider the shape of a diamond.

The shape of a diamond describes the outline when viewed face-up. In general, the typical shape of most commonly found diamonds is round. But now diamonds come in diverse shapes and forms, which look pretty astonishing on engagement or wedding rings. Currently, the different trending shapes of diamonds are

  1. cushion
  2. princess
  3. heart
  4. radiant
  5. pear
  6. oval
  7. marquise, and many more

Anyone can easily choose the shape of the diamond as per taste, requirements, and size of the engagement ring finger.

3.    Seek the cut quality

The cut characteristic of a diamond has a significant effect on its selling and buying. The cut, nevertheless, is vital to ensure while buying diamond engagement rings Dubai to have the one that looks perfect on you. An excellent cut diamond sparkles the best when light falls on it and gets reflected from different angles. Moreover, the fire, brilliance, scintillation, and everything else dramatically depend on the cuts of diamonds.

4.    Determine the carat weight of diamond engagement rings UAE

You may have generally heard someone asking for either one or two-carat diamonds. We all know these terms generally, but choosing the best carat weight is always recommended as the prices directly depend on them. However, the most frequently bought carat weight sizes of diamonds for engagement and wedding rings are:

  1. .50ct
  2. 1.0ct
  3. 1.3ct
  4. 1.5ct
  5. 2.0ct

To save on the maximum of your budget, it will be a wise idea to choose among these standard sizes.

diamond engagement rings Dubai

5.    Certification is always a must.

As the prevalent phrase says, “All that glitters is not gold,” which is very relevant to diamonds. A casual layman who does not know the complete details of diamonds gets stuck while buying diamond engagement rings Dubai. So, it is always wise to check the seller’s certificate beforehand. Anyone should request a reliable certificate for his diamond from top grading laboratories like IGI or GIA to ensure the best diamond quality. That certificate generally includes the information regarding the 4Cs of a diamond assured by a qualified gemologist.

Bottom Line

Diamonds are forever gems and usually a one-time purchase, so always choose them wisely. Be vigilant in your choice and do complete research before shopping out for them. Don’t rush their buying process, and make sure to go to a reputed jeweler for having them. Also, never let the selling jeweler push you for any ring that is not within your budget. Plus, always ask for an IGI or GIA-certified diamond for your engagement or wedding rings.


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