Dark Academia – A fashion style with a European aristocratic tone


If you love school uniforms in hit titles like Harry Porter or Wild Child, you will probably find inspiration to dress well with a new fashion style – Dark Academia.

It can be said that 2020 is the explosion of aesthetic when this style becomes a trend among young people with many different forms. Partly due to external factors influences, partly because a part of young people of the Z gene attaches great importance to building personal image. Along with the aesthetic fashion styles that are “covering”, Dark Academia – the high-class European style also quickly attracts attention by its romance and mystery.


Dark Academia has a core spirit towards a deep admiration for classical literature and the Gothic art school. People who pursue this style will often tend to express a desire, curiosity about historical values. So in terms of images, Dark Academia often has dark colors that are somewhat old, hiding the sadness and the yearning for the concept of “beauty in the past”.

Dark Academia fashion originated from European countries, more specifically from private school uniforms in the context of the ’30s and 40s. This style is largely influenced by the elite and poetic elements. classic according to the romantic school in the Renaissance period. The Dark Academia is a somewhat quiet version of the aristocratic Preppy style. Fashion in this style is also associated with the image of intelligent girls, knowledge, deep spiritual life, and sometimes separated by the way of thinking above normal.

Dark Academia fashion image comes closer to reality through popular cultural publications such as movies, books, stories … The most prominent and familiar is the classic series Harry Potter (2001 – 2011) using Dark Academia as Mainly with main clothes including basic shirt, sweater, tie, and robe (cassock) …

Then there is Wild Child (2008) which outlines the costumes of private school girls in London – the premise for the modern Dark Academia fashion. And then Little Women (2019) is a smooth transition between Dark Academia and the Cottagecore style. The special point that they are not confused with each other lies in the bass in the colors of Dark Academia, bringing a sense of urbanism and a bit more “upscale” from the European aristocratic breath.

The indispensable part of DARK ACADEMIA

Personality and a bit of rebellion are one of the bright spots that help Dark Academia conquer Z-gen youth. , khaki pants… once again this somewhat “old” style goes back into the fashion cycle.


Dark Academia is associated with an ancient, ghostly image as if hiding the mysterious inner world behind its courteous appearance. Therefore, it is not difficult to recognize the color palette from neutral to low in Autumn with traditional patterns such as plaid, a checkerboard … from this style. Typical colors must be mentioned such as white, black, cream, brown, moss green, red wine … The deep color palette not only brings a sense of fashion but also especially suitable for Asian girl skin.


As a harmonious combination between the school style with a bit of Gothic and a bit of traditional British peasantry, the Dark Academia-style outfit also becomes diverse. You can freely combine layers from high-quality tweed fabrics to rustic linen. Besides cashmere, wool, cotton, organza … are also materials associated with this style.

To create a Dark Academia style outfit, you need more than neutral colors. Accessories with vintage aesthetic colors will also take a big part in perfecting your look. The usual accessories for girls pursuing this style include dark high boots, oxford shoes, loudspeakers, or mary jane shoes. In terms of jewelry, you can explore the types of necklaces, metal bracelets with classic designs.


The rich classical breath hidden in this style does not make Dark Academia far away from reality. European aristocratic tones can still creep and exist in parallel with contemporary fashion concepts. However, there will be certain changes in each place to be better suited to its own objective conditions.


Dark Academia is not only a beautiful way to dress, but also encourages young people to explore and pay more attention to the heritage of the past. This fashion style also inspires knowledge-oriented activities such as reading, painting, sculpting, visiting museums … This is also a means to help young people get closer to academic value, continuing the constant flow of the human elite.


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