Expert Advice: 9 Tips To Craft A Strong Business Plan


A business plan writing specialist weighs in on what to add and exclude from a successful business plan. Nowadays, you need to be flexible with good planning and organizational skills to succeed in your business.

You can succeed in your business by planning out all the necessary steps you need to achieve success. Whatever type of business you want to start, using the following nine tips can help you be successful in your venture.

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  1. Be aware of your competitors

Be ready to list them and explain how you differ from (and outperform) each of them. But don’t make fun of your rivals.

  • Be aware of your target market

You’ll almost certainly need many copies of your business plan—one for bankers or venture capitalists, one for individual investors, one for corporations interested in partnering with you rather than funding you, and so on.

  • Have documentation to back up all of your claims

You must explain why you believe you will be the leader in your field in six months. If you claim that your product will take the market by storm, you must back up your claim with facts. If you claim that your management team is completely competent to succeed, make sure that each employee’s CV demonstrates the necessary experience.

  • Be cautious in your financial predictions and estimates

If you’re certain you’ll be able to grab 50% of the market in the first year, you may explain why and speculate on what those figures might be. However, making your financial predictions more conservative—a 10% market share, for example, is far more plausible.

  • Be realistic about the amount of time and resources you have

If a large corporation currently employs you, you may believe that things will move more quickly once you’re responsible for purchasing supplies, writing checks, and answering the phones.

Entrepreneurs frequently make the mistake of being excessively optimistic with time and resources. Being realistic is crucial since it gives your presentation credibility. Always assume that tasks will take 15% longer than expected. As a result, 20 weeks has become 23 weeks.

  • Think logically

Consider what a banker would like to see and write it down.

  • Employ a capable management team

Make sure it has a strong track record and is well-versed in the field. Your team members don’t have to have worked in the area, but you should be able to draw parallels between what they’ve done and the abilities you’ll need to succeed.

Don’t you have all of the necessary skills? Consider forming an advisory board with knowledgeable people in your sector who create plans strategy for your business.

  • Explain why you think your plan will succeed

Has anyone else tried and succeeded with something similar? Have you created a model? Include any variables that might affect the end or consequence of your concept. Explain why some of the variables don’t apply to your circumstance or how you plan to overcome or improve them.

  • Discuss the investors’ payout alternatives

Some investors prefer a hands-on involvement; others like colleagues on your board of directors, and still others prefer not to be engaged in day-to-day operations. All investors want to know when their money will be returned and at what rate.

Most people intend to leave after three to five years. Please provide a brief overview of investment possibilities or, at the very least, state that you’re willing to talk about them with any serious possibility.

The Bottom Line

According to data of 2019 from the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 45% during the first five years, and 65% during the first 10 years. Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more. If you want to be among that 25%, rigorous attention to these nine tips is the smart way to get there.

Before starting the above points, you have to create a proper assignment with deep research, data, facts, and analysis that give you and your management team an accurate picture. You can also hire market research agencies who can help in your business assignment.

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