Find Out What Tantalizing Tech Trends 2021 Has In Store

tech trends 2021

We have stepped into the digital age. Data, computers, electronics and the Internet are fast becoming an integral part of our lives. Technology has always been a boon to human society and helped it achieve remarkable milestones. Technological developments are no minor milestones themselves, however. The advent of computer science and the World Wide Web were monumental achievements of science & technology and the reason behind man’s many accomplishments in various fields.

Tech is a continually evolving organism as evident from the various marvels of technology in existence today. Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing & Storage, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Automation, Instant Communications – all these different technological aspects are the result of years of research and development. Just as we human look forward to changing for the better, so does science & technology as R&D continues to find new & improved ways to advance & make our lives better.

The second decade of the 21st century has begun, and the world of tech is brimming with incredible ideas & their astounding implications. 2020 was a revelation. We, humans, realized how technology could help us overcome impossible odds and come to our rescue when all else fails.

2021 will be the year to look forward to as several revolutionary ideas will come to the fore and take the world by storm. Want to find out what they are? Read on then.

Internet of Behaviors

Change is the only constant in the universe, and it is often disruptive.  The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic disrupted everything and ushered in a new normal, which is full of recent & widespread changes.

You must have come across the term Internet of Things (IoT). The term Internet of Behaviors is closely connected with IoT; let us find out why it is an up and coming tech trend of today and something to look forward to next year.

Gartner, the global research and advisory firm, describes IoB as the collection and usage of data to manipulate human behaviour. Consider the following example.

In light of the recent pandemic, a manufacturing company is using different electronic devices such as sensors, tags, cameras, etc. to monitor the precautionary measures taken by their employees. All these devices are part of a distributed computing system, which allows the company to process, track and record the behavior of all employees across all of its manufacturing facilities.

The transfer of behavioral data across networks and its subsequent processing & storage make up the Internet of Behavior. Several companies have already begun implementing this unique technology concept to monitor their employee behaviour closely. Analysts suggest that IoB implementation is one way how firms are trying to become resilient to disruptive change. Iob is an extension of IoT as all the data traverses seamlessly across interconnected devices or the “things.”

IoB-enabled devices find personal usage too. Heartbeat trackers and their interconnectivity with other devices make them a central part of the IoB family.

The Year Of Intelligent Machines

Do you remember all those science fiction movies where they predicted AI playing a vital role in the future of humanity? 2001: A Space Odyssey, AI, Star Trek? Well, they predicted right as soon we might find AI-enabled robots helping us do our chores and jobs, from automated car manufacturing to providing instant assignment help.

Head over to and take a look at what the intellectuals at one of the world’s prestigious universities are up to. Researchers and scientists are building robots that observe humans at work and then learn how to mimic & perform complex tasks. They are training interactive machines, which are powered by AI algorithms, and are capable of learning by simply observing others.

We might witness the rise and subsequent commercialization of advanced robotic systems that are capable of self-learning. AI engineering is already a reality and implemented across different industrial sectors. In 2021, more and more businesses are expected to invest AI to facilitate their operations and enhance their capabilities. From manufacturing to e-commerce to essential services and even personal usage, intelligent machines will soon find a way in everything that we do.

Distributed Cloud Systems

Many of you might be aware of the term cloud computing. It involves remote processing and storage of data through computing systems without direct user involvement or intervention. And you may have come across the term, distributed systems, which involves operating a system across multiple computer terminals and different machines that work in coordination with each other.

Most conventional cloud computing services utilize a centralized data center of copious capabilities for all primary computational and storage purposes.  Distributed Cloud Computing connects multiple, small-scale, geographically distributed data centers. Cloud services are spread across different physical locations with the overall operational management, maintenance, update & overhaul being the responsibility of the service provider.

Distributed cloud computing and edge computing are two evolutionary phases of cloud platforms. 2021 will witness the gradual and subtle implementation of these two up and coming technologies. Various enterprises are implementing distributed cloud services as they offer comprehensive management through acute data processing, optimal data placement and seamless network interconnections as required.


Taking automation to the next level, hyper-automation aims at transforming workplaces and changing business operations altogether. Hyper automation utilizes a coordinated system of high-end automation technologies to enhance and augment operations.

Automating their business processes allows companies to analyze data better and gather insights for effective decision-making. Hyper-automation is closely associated with robotic process automation, machine learning, process & data mining and natural language processing.

Contrary to consensus, hyper-automation aims not to replace but augment human abilities at work. According to Gartner’s report, hyper-automation is an inevitable change that will gradually change the way businesses operate. It will soon become the “new normal” and companies must prepare themselves for it. Organization across different sectors have begun investing in the process and are implementing tools & applications the optimize operations.

Combining Robotic Process Automation, Data Analysis and Machine Learning, hyper-automation seeks to idealize performance and improve outputs. An agile, educated and insightful organization are what businesses can achieve if they utilize hyper-automation to the fullest.

Concluding this article, we can infer that the year 2021 will bring with it some spectacular technological marvels and every aspect of our society will intertwine with it irreversibly. The above technological trends will transform businesses, lives and have a profound impact on the road ahead!


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