How To Keep Your New Smartphone Safe At All Times?


The security issues with smartphones are gaining momentum. Smartphones are our personal gadgets that we carry with us all the time. With email apps, social media apps, cloud drives, and other storage amenities on phones, most of our phones have private and confidential data that we don’t want to be compromised.

While I was looking up how to watch premium channels on my cable TV, I realized that my browser history is not something I would want another person to have access to. And there’s more to smartphone data than photos, video, and documents in your drives.

To avoid putting your data at risk, it’s high time to be aware of these threats and stay ahead of them. To steer clear of all such risks and to avoid any hacking attempts by malicious parties, here are some effective tips to safeguard your phone.

Don’t Leave Your Phone Unlocked

Sounds like a no-brainer? It may, but you will be surprised at the number of people who don’t lock their phone only because they find it hassling to swipe fingers, look into the camera, enter PINs and passcodes, drawing patterns, and so on.

Yes, we carry our phone in hands, bags, and pockets for the better part of the day. But it is not something inseparable. Things get stolen in a matter of moments. And once someone has their hands on your phone and it is unlocked, they will have complete access to your personal data and info.

Therefore, make sure you have a lock on your screen whether it is a pattern, fingerprint, passcode, or the fancy face recognition lock. Take advantage of your device’s capability and set secure passwords. Also, select a time limit for auto-lock in case you forget to lock your screen.

Always Connect to a Secure Wi-Fi

Smartphones come with a handy feature of letting us connect to the internet from everywhere and anywhere. That’s why the moment we enter a friend’s house or a café, we ask for the Wi-Fi password. However, you need to steer clear of insecure networks.

We would suggest using your mobile data instead of free, public Wi-Fi to avoid any data breaches and privacy concerns. Yes, free Wi-Fi can save your mobile data but it’s not worth it if it results in losing your personal data.

Moreover, if you really have to use public Wi-Fi, then make sure you connect to a VPN before doing so. You can look up tons of effective and free VPNs online which could serve as a protective layer while you use public Wi-Fi. VPNs hide your location and info from prying eyes.

Beware of Incessant Downloading

Downloading from unknown and suspicious-looking sites and servers is not a healthy practice. Therefore, make sure you always download from official app stores. Being extra cautious doesn’t hurt so make sure you skim through a review or two before you hit the download button.

Cybercriminals and hackers tend to try all possible methods and their hacking attempts are becoming more sophisticated by the day. They are reported to create rogue smartphone apps, mimicking trusted brands. Users who fall prey to downloading them end up giving away their personal and confidential info. therefore, always see the date of the last update, contact info, and organization details.

Similarly, don’t be quick in clicking links shared in emails from unknown sources. You may end up redirected to an unsafe site or you may start downloading a virus without even knowing.

Install an Anti-Virus Software

Using Anti-virus software on laptops and computers is a common practice. However, your smartphone can also benefit from it. These programs offer solid protection against hacking attempts and viruses. Some software programs come with added bonuses of VPN features too.

Therefore, make sure you install one of these effective tools to enhance the security of your smartphone and to keep your personal info intact.

Keep Your Smartphone’s OS Up-To-Date

Do you know that mobile phone operating systems are designed to offer a smooth and enhanced experience? You get notifications about the new versions of your OS often. They are designed to keep your smartphone free of bugs and other issues.

The performance improvement also includes security performance. Both Android and iOS updates can protect your phones from the newly discovered threats. Therefore, make sure you keep your phone’s OS updated to enjoy a smooth and secure experience.

What’s more? You can dial your Internet service phone number and ask a rep about ways to enhance your phone security. They can also guide you to adopt certain simple practices for better security.


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