List of 10 Free SEO Tools to Use in 2020

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You cannot do everything manually when ranking your website high in SERP and boosting its SEO. You need the help of Free Seo Tools available around that are designed to improve the website’s overall performance. 

Free SEO tools give you the great way to begin with when you don’t want to spend money buying any paid tool. From keyword research to SEO audits to Link building, these tools make search engine optimization company easier and help you figure out where to begin.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console, previously called the Google Webmaster Tool, is a powerful tool that every SEO professional and Digital Marketer must use. It comes packed with rich features and offers legit data; no other tool can compete with GSC. It will take you some time to get familiar with GSC entirely, but there is no going back once you are done.  From tracking the website’s overall performance to the pages ranking for different keywords to fixing the technical errors, you can do everything using GSC.  Open GSC and go to the site dashboard to know the website’s current status, the pages indexed, and any errors found. Keep an eye on the status and check it frequently. 

This tool is a goldmine for SEO professionals only if you know how to leverage it. Using GSC, you can also submit sitemaps, check the structured data issues, clicks/impressions received over a particular period, and errors that need your attention.  Start using this excellent free SEO tool now, and monitor your site’s performance.  Similar to Google Search Console, Bing and Yandex also have the same kind of tool. 

Keyword Hero

When you have the right set of keywords in hand to target, your website automatically ranks high in SERP’s and boosts SEO. When you check any page URL of your website on the Keyword Hero tool, it provides you with many real search keywords.  Instead of showing you the keywords similar to those in Google Analytics, the KH tool shows you a list of organic keywords along with other metrics. 

You can use its free version called Little Hero. Check 10 URLs and around 2000 sessions for free. This tool is ideal for eCommerce Businesses and other SEO professionals who want to know and optimize keywords in Search Results.  Use Keyword Hero now to know the best relevant keywords on which you need to focus and write content around it. 

Answer The Public 

Find plenty of keyword ideas in seconds. This tool is different and quite comprehensive compared to other tools that retrieve its data from Google Keyword Planner. Answer The Public tool, apart from giving your awesome keywords ideas, also provides you with a list of questions and phrases related to the target keyword. 

Search the keyword in the tool, let’s say “Free SEO tool,” then it will provide you plenty of information about this keyword along with ideas. It would help if you gave it a try whenever searching for exact keywords people are searching online. It also retrieves results from the Google Autocomplete option and is super useful in generating content ideas. You can do two searches a day. Now it’s up to you to pick and filter the questions or relevant keywords you want to target. Free users can also change the language using the option. Keep this keyword research tool in your list of Free SEO tools required to boost the overall performance. 


An online Free SEO tool is required to optimize the website and monitor the SEO for better rankings in search engines. It gives you tips far better than the paid seo tools.  It provides structure reports to work on and list down the problems the site is facing. This free SEO tool crawls your entire website, the linked pages, and gives a complete review of the site. It analyses the content, link profile, technical status and checks the site internally and externally. 

Using SEObility, you can make SEO checks, Analyze Keywords, SEO comparison, ranking check, monitoring website, and backlink analysis. This quick tool hardly takes a few minutes to check the overall website health and report the issues. It also provides tools for backlink monitoring, link building, site audit, website rankings, and TF*IDF Tool. Avail its free plan now. If you are OK with the report the free plan provides, it’s great. Otherwise, you always have the option to go for the paid plans.

Animalz Revive 

Content is the bedrock of every website upon which it thrives, and it needs frequent updation. One such Free SEO tool you can use to analyze and get a list of blog posts that need to be refreshed. It is Animalz Revive. 

It retrieves data from Google Analytics and tells you exactly which article needs attention. Therefore, you need not manually scout Google Analytics and find pages that need updating.  Its best feature is Traffic Loss Since Peak, which lets you know how much traffic you are losing due to the outdated content. This entirely Saas Tool is the foremost tool you need to optimize the website’s content and boost its SEO. 

Animalz Revive focuses on organic traffic only and shows the decline that happened over a specific period. To use this tool, link it with your Google Analytics and sit tight; enter your email address, and you will receive a detailed report in 24 hours. 

Google PageSpeed Insights

A site that loads slowly on mobile or desktop can never retain visitors. The page speed plays an essential role in deciding whether the visitor will stay or leave. This factor also affects the user experience of the website and is an important ranking factor. 

Google Pagespeed Insights is one such free SEO tool available around that lets you know how fast or slow your website loads. The score of less than 59 means less speed, between 60 to 79 means medium, and above 80 is considered best.  Along with providing you the page speed metric, it also offers suggestions for optimizing the website performance and loading speed on every device. More loading time is proportional to the more bounce rate. 

Using the Google Pagespeed Insights tool, you can get the list of tips and techniques for improving speed and hand over the list to respected people. Using GPI, you get real-time data. Another alternative to this tool is – GTMetrix and Pingdom Website Speed Monitor. 

Check My Links 

Keep an eye on your website’s link profile to keep it going. There are many free tools available around that help you evaluate whether the links are live or broken and check other factors. One such is Check My Links, which is a great tool you can frequently use to maintain the website’s link profile. 

Check My Links is a chrome extension that provides page links overview to marketers and SEO professionals. Being a webmaster, you know how broken links can affect user experience and make it complicated for the search engines to index the site pages. 

Using Check my Link, quickly see which links are broken and then work on fixing it. Along with broken links, it also checks 301 or 302 redirects, links ending with #, empty links, anchor tags with no href attribute, no-follow links, and can analyze multiple pages in seconds. After installing the extension, you need to configure it and go to the domain you want to check. Moreover, this extension is completely free of cost, with no hidden charges. 


Although the experts say Meta Descriptions are dead and play no role in ranking, it’s not 100% true. Using the SERPsim tool, you can see how the page will look in Google Search Engine Results beforehand. The best thing about this tool is that it works based on pixel length, which is the latest metric to decide the limit. 

Using SERPsim along with checking how the metas of the specific page will appear in SERPs, it also lets you save, copy, download, or share the snippet. If you feel the title or description is too long, you can easily adjust it using the SERP simulator and avoid adding excess characters.  This free tool has a wide variety of functionalities you can use. Apart from entering the data from scratch, you can copy-paste the existing URL to check its metas and optimize the snippet. 


SERPROBOT is a smart free Search Engine Ranking Position checker. Keeping an eye on SERPs is essential for every webmaster or any agency to track how specific keywords are performing. Earlier, it was known as SERPLAB, and then later, the name was changed to SERPROBOT. 

Using this tool, you get real-time results. It’s accessible to us and gives you the information in seconds. It gives you a comprehensive view of how the site is performing the different target keywords. SERPROBOT tells you regarding rank, volume, change, average position, and latest, best, and first. Through SERPROBOT, you can search based on Region, API, Location, Device, and Frequency. You can compare your site even with competitors and set up email notification alerts. 

This tool is easier to use and lets you add multiple domains. We advise the SEO agencies and other professionals to use SERPROBOT instead of investing in paid tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc. Start using this free SERP checking tool and keep an eye on the health of the website. 

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is one of the most versatile available in the market. This multi-purpose tool helps from curating website content to boost SEO. Its top line of tools has everything you require as an SEO professional. The motive behind creating this tool was that everyone has easy access to the free SEO tools, which help owners deal with broken links, site issues, plagiarism, and so on. 

Some of this tool’s best features are Plagiarism Checker, Keyword Rank Checker, Backlink Checker, Domain Authority Checker, Keyword Suggestions, Grammar Checker, Broken Link Checker, Article Rewriter, and several other helpful tools packed with excellent features. 

This tool is worth using to boost your website’s position in the search engine and optimize content simultaneously. Small SEO Tools is our favorite, and the word small in its name denotes the little tasks it performs. Here you will find almost every bunch of tools required under one roof, and the data you recieve at the end is entirely legit. 

Final Thoughts

Here ends our list of Free SEO Tools to use in 2020 that you can use without paying a penny. If you are new to this world of SEO, then start using these tools to get an idea of how your site is performing and what improvements it needs. 

If you are still unable to manage everything, then connect with us, and our team of SEO experts will assist you in the best possible way Code calibre is the Best Magento development company in India offering the development services in Magento.  We did like to hear from you. Do we miss any tool? Then let us know in the comments. 


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