Stephen Varanko III Talks About The Important Skills Of A Recruitment Manager

Recruitment Manager

Recruitment managers tend to work on sourcing and interviewing prospective employees of an organization, and are often responsible for managing the overall recruitment process. Stephen Varanko III mentions that these individuals aim at making sure that the most skilled and talented individuals are employed by a company, and in roles where they can make the best use of their knowledge and capabilities. Stephen works as a recruitment manager at Bradley-Morris, Inc., which is the largest military-focused recruiting firm in the United States. 

Much like many other leadership roles, recruitment managers also have to wear multiple hats. According to Stephen Varanko III, these individuals often have to play the role of team leaders, thought leaders, innovators, and consultants. While owing to the specialized nature of the company he works in, the work responsibilities of Stephen is a bit different from typical corporate recruitment managers, he still has a good idea about the responsibilities and duties this job title typically entails. According to him, being a good recruitment manager requires a unique set of skills that are a combination of personality and years of hands-on experience.

While the specific responsibilities of a recruitment manager tend to vary depending on the company, size of the team, and business goals, there are certain qualities and skills all of them should ideally have. Here are a few qualities that a recruitment manager should ideally have, as pointed out by Stephen Varanko III:

  • Attention to detail. : As these individuals have to often work with a large pool of talent, to manage it effectively, paying attention to detail is extremely important. Recruitment managers should remember the people they have spoken to their position, their willingness to apply for a new job and so on. Even the smallest detail can help them to identify the perfect candidate for a job role.
  • Communication skills: No matter the position a candidate is applying for, the recruitment manager would be the link between the company and them. Depending on the impression made by the candidate, the recruitment manager would either encourage or discourage them from applying for a particular position. The recruitment manager would have the capability to send their message to the candidates without causing them any mental distress.
  • Relationship building skills: Recruitment managers having good relationship building skills would be able to develop and nurture the relationship between a candidate and a company, while acting in the benefit of both parties. They help maintain a positive relationship between all the parties, and ensure that everyone gets to meet their key goals.

In addition to the qualities mentioned above, recruitment managers should also have impressive problem solving and critical thinking skills. They should be able to think fast on their feet, and provide effective solutions to the problems faced by both candidates and discerning companies.  Further details about this job role can be easily found on the web.


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