Martin Sanders Offers Some Valuable Tips On Staying Healthy And Fit

Staying Healthy And Fit

All people desire to stay as healthy and fit as possible till they reach their old age.  Doing so, however, is easier said than done. It is common to see even middle-aged individuals today suffering from a variety of health issues. Hence, Martin Sanders mentions that to make sure of their good health in old age, people need to start taking certain proactive steps towards wellness when they are young. The habits that people develop as children typically stay with them throughout their life. Hence, they must incorporate healthy habits right from a young age, which helps them to ensure their overall well-being till they get much older.

Health is the biggest wealth one has, and it is extremely crucial to always remember this fact. Each and every person, no matter their gender, profession, age or social status, must try to take care of their well-being more than anything.  However, as per Martin Sanders  while most people are quite fit and healthy during their 20s, their health gradually starts deteriorating as they cross their 40s. Hence, it is vital that people try their best to take care of their health as early as possible, preferably right from their teenage years.  Somehow who has followed healthy habits throughout their life is more likely to stay fit during old age, than anyone who has been just doing so for a couple of years.

While there are many factors that contribute to the good health of a person, physical exercise and good food habits are definitely the most major ones. Martin Sanders sheds a brief insight on these aspects in the pointers mentioned:

  • Exercise regularly:  People must try to identify at least one physical activity they like and carry it out as often as they can. Exercising regularly does not mean that a person has to get a gym membership. People can even engage in any simple physical activity or exercise at home.  Choosing to take the stairs, jogging every day, walking to work, and riding a bike are some of the simple ways people can easily incorporate physical activities into their daily routine.
  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet: Diet is the core aspect of staying healthy. People must try to include vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and carbohydrates into their diet, and avoid too much of sugar, fat, and processed junk food. Parents must encourage kids to eat as healthy as possible from a young age, rather than to get them into a habit of eating processed food.  It would also be a prudent move that people try to learn to cook from a young age, to be aware of what exactly they are putting in their body, as well as reduce dependence on take-out food.

Martin Sanders says that the people who take care of the two elements mentioned above throughout their lives are more likely to be healthy and fit at an old age.


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