What marketing courses do not teach you?

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Can hoardings, pamphlets, promotional items or sign spinners still promote your products and services and give you a conversion rate that saves you from financial stagnancy? Well, if you believe that then you are living in the 90s. Like many other things marketing has also evolved with time and there is so much to learn, which even the marketing courses offered by top-universities do not teach you. These days all the major brands and even small enterprises are trying to build a brand image which helps them bring trust among the consumers and when people have so many options to choose from, visibility of your brand becomes a very important factor.

Marketing is extremely crucial for your business as it helps in maintaining a long-lasting and ever-present relationship with your buyers.  What is generally misconstrued is marketing means promoting your products. However, its first step is to create a buyer persona, which means understanding who your consumer is, why they are going to buy your products and what changes your product will bring in your consumer’s life. This persona will have personality traits, demographic details, pain points, interests and goals. With this, we move on the next stage of creating marketing strategies for our ideal customer.

The interesting thing in marketing is this field is very capricious, which can also become challenging, therefore, marketers must learn to improvise their strategies by continuously analyzing the trends and responses. In today’s times, a major portion of marketing goes to the digital part of it because it is affordable, measurable, personalized and open. While a lot of courses do teach digital marketing including SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, among others, they leave a huge chunk of it, which is equally important. Let’s take a look at what marketing courses are not teaching you-


We have understood it by now that marketing is not just about promoting your products and services, and when it comes to digital marketing an important part of it is analyzing your performance because of which we say that digital marketing is measurable. Marketers approach strategies with a scientific method as with digital platforms you can measure, manage and analyze your performance. It is not like old times when you create a marketing strategy and your work gets done. Now, it is about creating one, analyzing and updating it. With so much data available, it is easier to make a hypothesis, run an experiment, see the results and bring alterations. Several tools are available to analyse your performance and some important ones are Google Analytics, Insights and Ads Manager.

Content Marketing

If you have a major in English, then you can be a good writer but it doesn’t imply you are a good content writer. If I’d say that a good writer might not always be a fine content writer then I might take a lot of flak from the whole English community but the thing is content writing is different from writing for academic or literature purposes. It is not a higher level of writing, it is a type of writing that involves understanding your domain, customer and giving the consumer what they want in their lingo. Moreover, English content is used almost 25% of the time so writing content in Spanish, French or Online Chinese Mandarin language Dubai , among others might help.  As they say, ‘content is king’ the right promotion of that content is the next step. Just consider that if Shakespeare wouldn’t have been the most talked-about writer of all times then he would have been considered the greatest writer of all ages. Content is only great if there are people to read it and for that, you are required to follow the right marketing strategies.

Conversion Rate Optimization

A process of increasing the percentage of viewers on your website, who take the desired action and become purchasing users. We understand that at one-time marketing was about being creative, finding ways to lure customers, and searching for spaces where you can promote the product. However, it is more about data and for that, you do not become a coder or a mathematician, you just need to be familiar with all the tools and concepts for a marketing campaign Chinese school in Dubai. CRO directly impacts the company’s ROI, therefore, it is an amazing way to help your business and a skill a marketer should have.

Learn the Mobile Way

On average, a mobile user checks his/her phone 150 times a day. If you are one then you would know the exact time that you are away from your phone, which is mostly never. Generally, while creating content, images or videos we are using desktops or laptops. However, our user is mostly going to be on a smartphone, therefore, it becomes pertinent to make the layout of the website optimum for mobile and how your creation would look like on a mobile screen.

The digital space is always changing and so should your strategies and that’s how you can differentiate between a marketer and a smart marketer payday loans.


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