Here’s How You Can Make Your Own Drive Jacket

Here’s How You Can Make Your Own Drive Jacket
Here’s How You Can Make Your Own Drive Jacket

Hollywood has produced some incredible actors, and Ryan Gosling is undoubtedly one of them. Mr Ryan has some brilliant movies, but Drive really stands out. The movie has an amazing traditional story, romance, and is packed with action that keeps you on the edge of your seats. Of all the great things in that movie, Ryan Gosling’s racing attire makes him even more attractive. The drive jacket caught the attraction of every fan because of its unique features and how it had different features, as compared to regular racing attires. Read further to learn how to make this jacket on your own.

The Items You Need

If you’re a fan of the movie and you’re eager to get yourself the same jacket, you can easily do it on your own without having to spend lots of money at high-end shops. You need to gather some important things. The first and most important is the standout jacket. You can get this superb piece from Marvel Jacket in its real colors. The back of the jacket depicts a scorpion which is the real identity, and it made this jacket super famous. The quality and fabric used to design this scorpion clad jacket are unparalleled.

After getting yourself the jacket, the next item is a plain white shirt. Most people choose to wear T-shirts in different colors, but that just kills the authenticity of the Drive costume, so make sure you only get a plain white piece.

The leather gloves will definitely make you look cool, but they are also important to complete the cosplay. These full leather gloves are a necessary part of this costume, yet they also make you look like a true racer.

Then comes the drive jeans. If you want to pull off that cool driver look, you need to have the bootcut jeans. People put on other pants as well, and it’s not that they’re wrong to wear, but they fail to bring the same level of authenticity as the bootcut jeans will.

Once you’re done with the jeans, shirt, and jacket, you need to put on the genuine boots. Marvel Jacket offer the accurate Ryan Gosling boots that are made up of real leather with a great quality sole, along with a soft insole to provide comfort while looking exactly like your favorite character.

You might think you’re all done after putting on all the clothes, but know that if you don’t have the drive sunglasses, your look is only 50% complete. These fancy sunglasses bring the real sassiness needed to pull off the look you’re working hard for, so make sure you grab them before they run out!

This guide provides you with the easiest way to make your favorite superhero jacket. Now that you’re done with the full costume, head out and catch all the attention, because why shouldn’t you?


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