How an Epoxy Flooring Can Improve the Life of Your Concrete Floors


Epoxy flooring is a sealant that extends the lifespan of concrete floors. It can withstand foot traffic, chemicals, oils and other liquids as well as staining; making it highly durable.

To best maintain epoxy flooring, it should be regularly swept and vacuumed – this helps remove dust, grit and dirt that could potentially scratch it.


Epoxy flooring can be more cost effective than other floor covering options, especially when compared with complete renovation. This is due to epoxy being an inexpensive material that can be applied directly over existing concrete floors without incurring renovation costs. Furthermore, cleaning and disinfection processes are simplified saving both time and money while its long lifespan makes it even more economical.

Labor costs can be one of the greatest costs of any flooring project, but hiring a professional epoxy flooring contractor will ensure the task is completed on time and within budget. Furthermore, they’ll make sure the concrete surface is prepared adequately before applying epoxy coatings to prevent failure of floor coating systems.

Epoxy floors require maintenance beyond installation costs and initial costs for installation. Although their durable coating resists chemicals, keeping it free from oil or grease is essential in keeping its appearance looking brand new and prevents dull and slippery spots from developing over time.

Other flooring solutions might require you to shut down your facility for installation or repairs, while epoxy flooring can be quickly and easily installed or repaired without needing to completely close down operations. Furthermore, epoxy does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like many other forms of flooring do.


Epoxy flooring is an extremely resilient material, capable of withstanding virtually all forms of impact or abrasion. As such, it makes an excellent choice for commercial and industrial areas requiring resilient long-lasting floors such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, garages. Epoxy can withstand heavy loads, vehicles and chemicals as well as being stain- and spill-proof making it popular choice in warehouses manufacturing plants and garages.

Like vinyl or tile floors, epoxy floors require minimal upkeep to stay looking their best over the long haul. No special cleaners or treatments are needed; just a regular sweep should do just fine to keep them looking their best! Durability will ultimately depend on how heavily the floor is used; for instance, one exposed to frequent steamroller abuse could break down and crack over time.

When considering epoxy flooring service, professional help should always be sought to ensure the floors are correctly prepared to receive an epoxy coating and adhere to its surface. Prep work usually entails media blasting, diamond grinding and jack hammers for surface preparation before degreasing is undertaken to achieve strong bonds between surface and coating. Once installed, curing time typically requires at least several days before they can be utilized by you or anyone else.


Epoxy flooring can instantly upgrade any industrial or commercial space into an elegant space. Not only is it highly durable, able to withstand heavy machinery traffic, variable temperatures and chemical abrasion – it’s nonporous so won’t absorb spills or odors making maintenance crews use regular cleaning supplies and solutions without fear of staining its sheen! Stain resistance also adds another level of peace of mind.

Even though do-it-yourself epoxy floor kits may be tempting, hiring professional services is the way to go. Their experts will ensure your concrete is properly prepared before application and that its surface is free from cracks and chips; plus they’ll have experience rectifying issues before they become serious issues.

Expert floor installation service providers can also offer you an impressive variety of colors and designs for your floors, as well as incorporate unique textures and patterns into their work – for instance using epoxy flakes to achieve speckled or terrazzo-like appearances or creating ocean wave patterns.

Epoxy floors are highly cost-effective compared to other flooring options and installation can typically take only one or two days after being ordered. With its high-gloss finish and easy care process – just sweeping or mopping is all it takes – epoxy flooring makes an excellent choice for commercial and industrial facilities alike, helping promote productivity while simultaneously showcasing their excellence.


If your epoxy flooring service specializes in installing industrial floors, it is crucial to develop and adhere to a maintenance schedule in order to avoid scratches and extend the lifespan of the coatings on them. Doing this will decrease scratching while lengthening their useful life span.

If your floor is regularly covered in dirt or grit, it can act like sandpaper, creating scratches in its path that reduce the lifespan of epoxy coatings as well as damage the surface itself. This process will shorten their lifecycle significantly while also degrading their integrity over time.

Dust resulting from heavy traffic can create this abrasive dust. People wearing shoes that grind particles into epoxy floors are one source, as is machinery moving across it. If left untouched, however, it will embed and cause irreparable damage over time.

To avoid this situation, the best strategy is to vacuum regularly or at least weekly and use a mop and mild cleaning solution with either citrus-based cleaners, acidic ones or vinegar solutions as these may dull your epoxy floor coating’s shine.

Another way to prevent dirt build-up is to prevent it in the first place by installing a mat in the doorway or placing soft pads under bicycle or motorcycle kickstands.


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