How Do You Construct and Organise A Content Brief?


A content brief is very important in content marketing. If you are responsible for providing content briefs to writers, you will need to understand how to do it the right way.

This will ensure that content writers are getting the correct instructions to write quality content for your website. The content brief varies depending on the content type.


A good content brief contains the following characteristics.

1.    Start With an Overview

A good detailed overview will help the writer understand what the content will be about. It will also guide your writer in the approach to take while writing the content.

A good overview should have the following details;

  • A title or some title ideas
  • A brief description of the approach the writer should take
  • Detailed outline including headings and subheading
  • Target audience
  • Word count

2.    Highlight the Competition

This is another important part of a content brief, the writer needs to understand the competition. This will help them determine the approach they will take in writing the content to beat your competition.

To get the competitors website, search the keywords you want to optimise for and note the top 10 to 20 results.

Find similar content that has already been written and published on the web.

Conducted thorough inspection on top sites to guide your writer how to come up with good content.

3.    Research Sources

Most content writers are capable of doing intensive research and write content but if you provide these research sources it will be easier to get the content you want.

The content they produce will likely align with your requirement.

4.    SEO Requirements

Make sure that you provide your writer with SEO details. Provide them with focus keywords, alternative keywords to use and also long-tail keywords to use.

You can also provide them with your preferred keyword density, internal links or external links you want to be included in the content.

5.    Visual Content

Provide graphics guidelines such as images or infographics to get engaging content. Let the writer know what type of images you want or where to get them from.

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You can also ask your writers for more information that they think will help them in content writing.

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