How do you wear thermal clothing and why it is Important?

Wool Thermals

Thermal clothing does its job best when worn directly against the skin. The thermal clothing is therefore – after any sports bra for women – always the first layer. However, thermal clothing is almost never sufficient alone: ​​you wear an extra layer over the thermal clothing, such as a sports shirt. If it is cold, raining or windy, you can choose to wear an extra jacket. You then use the 3 layer system. You can read exactly how that system works below.

The thermal innerwear that you wear during winter sports must be multifunctional. It should not only keep your body warm, but also transport the sweat to the next layer of clothing. 

What is thermal clothing made of?

Wool Thermals clothing is made of different materials, mostly plastic is used. Plastics such as polyester absorb little moisture and are extremely suitable for dissipating sweat to the outside.

Sometimes polyester is combined with polyamide, a similar plastic. Polyamide is slightly stronger and more dimensionally stable than polyester, but also very elastic. Another plastic that is often added is elastane, which provides stretch.

Some brands such as Woollen Wear choose to process merino wool in thermal innerwear. Merino wool, like polyester, is very suitable for thermal clothing. The material insulates, breathes and does not itch. Another great advantage of merino wool is that it is odorless, making it perfect for longer trips where you can’t take too much clothes with you.

Which thermal clothing for which temperature?

As mentioned before in this article, thermal innerwear is suitable for the winter, but also for the summer. Most thermal clothing can be used in both situations, but there is also thermal innerwear especially for cold or warm weather.

Thermal clothing for the summer

With warm weather you naturally want sweat to be drained outside as quickly as possible. It is best to choose thin thermal innerwear that fits well against the skin. When it is warm enough outside, you can of course also choose to go outside without an extra layer.

Thermal clothing for spring/autumn

In these seasons, both functions of woollen clothes for babies are extra important: after all, it is cool outside and you also start to sweat. Woollen Wear clothing is extremely suitable for temperatures between 0 and 15 degrees, ideal for autumn and spring.

Thermal clothing for the winter

In winter, on the other hand, it is important that body heat is retained. Then it is better to choose thermal clothing that is slightly less tight and a bit thicker. For example, the thermal innerwear from Woollen Wear with merino wool.

Thermal innerwear is the secret to keep warm during winter sports. When it comes to winter sports, it is essential that you wear the right clothing to protect yourself against the cold and snow. The influence of thermal clothing does not seem so great because it is hidden far under your other clothing, but this is indeed the case. In contrast to cotton innerwear, thermal innerwear ensures that sweat is removed and that your body remains at the right temperature. 


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