How much does a computer scientist make


How much does a computer scientist make

Computer science is widely regarded and seen as one of the highest paid specialists a student can choose to study at university. However, as this is a very large firm and study, the average salary for computer science can range from a reasonable to an incredible salary.

With so many different variables affecting how much computer scientists are paid (career choice, field knowledge, area of ​​residence), many different numbers are starting to show the here and there, and it seems nearly impossible to be straightforward, straightforward. reply. However, this is exactly what we will try in this article.

First, I’ll briefly tell you about computing and why it’s considered so profitable. We won’t go into specific details, but some information is essential if we want to be on the same page later when it comes to the true pay for computer science jobs.

Advantages of the study of computer science

According to, computer science is “the third most popular major among international students who come to the United States”. This, in itself, is an important statement when it comes to the popularity of this specialty. But what attracts all these people to learn and study computer science?

First of all, it’s a starting salary for IT. It is quite well known and accepted that the average computer science salary for people who have just finished their studies or courses is exponentially high compared to most other professions out there. Computer salaries have become a bit infamous – most online articles about this specialty emphasize how good the pay is, even for people who have just graduated and are looking for their first job.

How much does a computer scientist make

Also, people see real future prospects in the field of computing. Over time, our daily life is increasingly computerized. Of course, with the growing computerization, there

is a strong (and ever increasing) demand for professionals in the sector. With this upward trend, the allure of computing is highly unlikely to wane anytime soon.

Finally, one reason is probably as important (if not more!) As the salary of a senior computer scientist is that the field of computer science is very broad and flexible. It could be said that “computer science” is a generic term: it encompasses a wide variety of professions, from IT specialists and software developers to game and computer creators to hardware specialists. Since there is a large pool of resources to choose from, computing attracts many completely different people.

Salary of a new computer scientist

Let’s start at the beginning and talk about the prestigious IT startup salary.

 how much do computer scientists make

As I said earlier, one of the main reasons why people choose a career as a computer scientist is because of the incredible computer salaries they receive in the first place. But what number are we talking about?

According to, the average salary a computer scientist can expect for an entry level computer scientist is around $ 70,000. Dividing this number by 12 (the number of months in a year) leaves us with an amazing $ 5833 per month! When you compare that to the average salary for computer science in the United States in general (which is around $ 3720), you can really understand how amazing it is. The fact is that one can finish their studies and be paid more than 1.5 times the average salary of the country! Knowing this fact alone is enough to understand why so many people are coming to the computer science specialty.

The salary of a junior computer scientist

Now that you have an idea of ​​what a novice computer scientist does, let’s talk about the salary of a junior computer scientist.

Young computer scientists are already experienced people in their careers, but they do not meet the requirements for computer science. These are the people who are already looking for stable long-term jobs that offer future career opportunities. Companies, once they know their potential employees are already somehow competent in the IT field, are much more likely to be flexible when hiring these people.

As young computer scientists look for long-term jobs, their salary in computer science tends to increase more frequently. Depending on their specialization, skill level, and the amount of work they are willing to do, they can climb the ranks of experienced computer scientists without stressing themselves out too much.

The salary of a senior computer scientist

And so, we arrived at the “final boss”: the senior computer scientist.

Leading computer scientists are people who have devoted their entire lives to their professions in the field of computer science. Whether it’s web development, data analysis, working with hardware, creating games, or anything in between, veteran computer scientists are veterans of the field. And their salaries reflect that.

Most of the time, advanced computer experts work for a long time in one company. This means that they have many different situations where their salaries can go up, either from completing a very difficult task or project, or to staying in the company for as long as possible. in which they do it. They are also usually essential members of the team – leading computer scientists often train, teach, and prepare entry level and junior level ones for the job.


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