How to Buy Suitable Shoes for Toddlers

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Most mothers know that buying shoes for their toddlers is something that needs attention because only toddlers know whether they fit and comfortable, if the toddler is not good at expressing, it is easy for the feet to suffer, 1-3years old is the baby learning to walk, an important period of bone development, so how to buy wholesale baby shoes is indeed a knowledge. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there are many important acupuncture points on the bottom of the feet, which directly affect the health of all parts of the human body. Choosing a pair of suitable shoes has become a major event that cannot be ignored.

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A 1-year-old baby has just learned to walk. A pair of safe and comfortable shoes is not only related to the baby’s emotions, but also to the baby’s health. As the baby walks steadily every day until the baby is playing and playing on the floor, a pair of fit shoes is a precious gift that you can give to the baby, every mother should care about the baby’s feet.

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Experts remind parents, buying shoes for toddlers should not enter the following misunderstanding.

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Misunderstanding 1: the Softer the Upper, the Better

Because the baby’s bones, joints, and ligament are in the development stage, the ability to balance and stability is not strong. If the back of the shoes is too soft, the foot can not get the corresponding support in the shoe, which will make the foot away from side to side, easily causing the injury of the ankle joints and ligaments, and may develop poor walking posture.

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Misunderstanding 2: Thick-soled Shoes are Comfortable and Shockproof

When walking, the shoes need to be bent continuously with the movement of the feet. The thicker the sole, the harder the bending. Especially for toddlers who love to run and jump, thick-soled shoes are more likely to cause foot fatigue and affect the knees and waist health. In severe cases, the normal development of the brain, heart, and abdominal cavity will be affected. Therefore, the suitable sole thickness for children’s shoes should be 5 mm to 10 mm, and the heel height should be between 6 mm and 15 mm.

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Finally, when the mother chooses shoes for the toddler, choose one size appropriately, because the infant toddler grows fast so that it can not only make the baby comfortable to the maximum but also can wear for a longer time, which is economical! The Kiskissing website has all kinds of shoes for moms to choose from, which will be one of the best choices for moms to buy shoes for your toddler.

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