Tips for Taking Care of Your Pair of Cowboy Boots

Know Why You Should Purchase a Pair of Cowboy Boots

It is needless to say that cowboy boots do not come cheap. And you also want your boots to last longer. You need to take care of the boots so that they play a long inning.

It is, however, not a difficult task. Taking care of your boots is a simple task as you mainly need to clean off the dirt and then moisturize.

There are three ways of taking care of your boot—cleaning, conditioning, and polishing.

Keep in mind that dirt and dust are your boot’s worst enemy. It would help if you conditioned your boots to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating as they will cut and dry out microscopic fibers. As a result, your boots will lose strength and durability.

You should make sure that you condition your pair of cowboy boots only when they are clean and dry. It helps the conditioner to penetrate through the boot pores for keeping the leather soft.

Keep in mind that a lanolin-based conditioner can prevent the color of the leather from changing. And oil-based conditioners will darken your boot, so you should use such a conditioner only if your boots are dark.

Polishing makes your boots shine and brings the natural finish of the boot. With polishing, you can also cover scratches on your boots. However, polishing is optional for some leathers.

Follow the following steps to take care of your favorite pair of cowboy boots:


Cleaning is the first step in your boot maintenance. You can clean off dust and dirt using a damp cloth. And if the dirt is more, you can use a toothbrush, which you can also use to clean dirt that gets around the boot’s sole and welt. You can also use saddle soap or shoe cleaner for cleaning your boots.


Take some boot conditioner quantity onto a clean and soft cloth and rub your pair of cowboy boots. If your boots quickly soak up the conditioner, then apply a more quantity of conditioner. Do not leave any portion of your pair of boots without conditioning.


You will prefer your boots to shine and not like to show off scratches if any. Polish your boots with a matching boot polish until you get the finishing you prefer to have on your boots. But keep in mind to never apply colored polish on cowboy boots with Snakeskin leather.

What to Do If Your Boots Get Wet?

When your boots get wet, rub the surface with a clean cloth. Never put your boots near a heat source to dry them up; it will damage them. Allow the wet boots to dry naturally. Once dry, apply a conditioner on the entire surface.


Properly storing your boots is also a way of caring for them. Store your pair of cowboy boots upright in a place where there is air circulation. Make sure you do not store your boots in a damp place; it will damage the color.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Pair of Cowboy Boots


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