How To Link Your Dropbox To Yahoo Mail


Yahoo mail is one of the most appreciated emailing services with various additional features. Yahoo mail also provides a feature where you can easily link your Dropbox with Yahoo mail. Once you connect the Dropbox to your Yahoo mail then you can directly save or attach images and documents to and from the Dropbox. Connection Dropbox to Yahoo will make your job easy and will save lots of time. If you want to add the Dropbox with Yahoo mail then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the web browser on your device
  2. Search for Yahoo mail 
  3. Click on Sign in Button
  4. Enter your Yahoo credentials
  5. After logging in to Yahoo, go to Settings option
  6. Menu page will appear
  7. Open Yahoo complete settings page
  8. On the Yahoo settings, click on Writing email option
  9. Click on Connected cloud storage account option
  10. Go to Dropbox and tap the Connect option
  11. After clicking the connect option, a small window will appear
  12. Dropbox sign-in page will appear
  13. Enter your credentials and login to Dropbox

After logging in to Dropbox, you can easily access the Dropbox account with Yahoo. Now you need to follow some on-screen commands for completing the settings. 

Using Dropbox account with Yahoo mail

After connecting Dropbox to Yahoo, you can access your files, photos, etc directly. Follow the mentioned steps for using Dropbox with Yahoo:

  1. Open your Yahoo account
  2. Hit on the Compose button
  3. On the Compose mail window, enter the recipient address and type the subject

Type the message on the field and click on the Attach file option. You will get a list of options. You will get four choices: Google Drive, Dropbox, recent emails, and computer. Click on Share files from the Dropbox option. A new window will appear on the screen. Now check for the file you want to upload. You can also use the search option for finding the file. Double-click on the file and then tap the send button. 

Disconnecting Dropbox account from Yahoo mail

If you don’t want to use Dropbox with Yahoo anymore then you can also disconnect the Dropbox easily. Follow the given steps for disconnecting Dropbox from Yahoo mail:

  1. Open the web browser
  2. Search for Yahoo mail
  3. Go to Sign in option and enter the credentials
  4. Click on Settings option
  5. Click on More settings option to expand the setting option on your screen
  6. Choose a Writing email option

In the Writing email section, click on Connected cloud storage accounts. Go to Disconnect option and click on Dropbox option. Hit the OK button and click on the Confirm button. Now your Dropbox gets disconnected with Yahoo mail. 

Yahoo provides various other services to make your job easy. It also provides two-factor verification to keep your account secure. Whenever you open your Yahoo account on a new device, you need to provide your Yahoo password along with the OTP. Yahoo will provide you with the OTP for logging in the account on your registered email address. You can easily enable two factors on Yahoo by following the given steps:

  1. Go to Yahoo and sign in your account
  2. Click on the Account security page
  3. Go to Two-step verification option
  4. Toggle the button to enable
  5. Enter the mobile number (you will receive your OTP on this number)
  6. Select Call me or Send SMS option

You will receive a verification code for Yahoo on the phone number. Now whenever you sign in Yahoo, you have to enter the OTP. You can also use the registered number for recovering the Yahoo password. People often forget the password of a Yahoo account. But Yahoo mail provides you with various techniques to recover the password easily.

How do I recover my Yahoo password?

When you forget your Yahoo password, you can use three options for password recovery.

Recover Yahoo password with Phone Number

When you create a Yahoo mail, you provide a phone number. If you have the phone number then you can click on the Forgot Password option and choose the Phone Number button. Check the phone for OTP. Enter the OTP on the given box and you will be redirected to a Yahoo password reset page.

Recover Yahoo password with Alternate Email 

If you have provided an alternate email address while creating the account then you can use it for password recovery. Click on Alternate Email option and you will receive a link on that email account. Click on the link and reset your password easily.

Recover Yahoo password with Secret Question

Yahoo provides a Secret Question option while creating the account. If you have remembered the answer you have provided then you can use it for password recovery. Choose this option and the question will appear on the screen. Answer the question and click on the Confirm button. If you type the correct answer then you will be redirected to the Yahoo password reset page.


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