How to Cut Plexiglass with a Jigsaw


Jigsaw is a handy tool that can be used for many tasks in the garage and workshop. However, it is important to know how to use best jigsaw. If you are wondering how to cut plexiglass, Jigsaw is the best tool for that.

When cutting flexible glass, it is important to take some precautions and protect the material. Flex glass is very fragile and delicate and you don’t want to mess things up easily to avoid mistakes.

Here we will explain how to cut plexiglass safely and accurately with a jigsaw. We will also show you how to protect flexible glass from damage and damage.

How to Cut Plexiglass with a Jigsaw

What is plexiglass?

Plexiglass is a clear plastic known as acrylic glass, but Plexglass, Acrylite, Lucy and Perspex all refer to the same substance. Thermoplastics come in sheets that are lighter than glass and more resistant to wear and tear.

Despite its durability, plasiglass generally carries a higher risk of scratches than glass, which is why manufacturers often add scratch-resistant layers over the plasiglass. The traditional method of cutting this material is laser, which produces a clean cut.

However, most DIYers do not have a laser cutter, so a larger jigsaw is a much cheaper alternative. If you follow these instructions, a jigsaw will work great to keep the glass from breaking.

Methods for cutting plexiglass

  • When making curved cuts, use a jigsaw.
  • If you have a particularly delicate Plex glass, use BandR.
  • Use Hexa only if you don’t have the saw above.

If you like it, use more laser cutters. Well, ask the truth – if you have a laser cutter, you may not be reading this article 🙂

Although Plexglass is durable, it breaks under load. Fortunately, it doesn’t break like glass. Instead, it will break into large pieces with no sharp edges. However, it is important to handle the plexiglass with care, especially when working with a power tool.

Why do you need a jigsaw?

This polymer alloy, with a melting point of about 3320 degrees, remains hard in most cases, but some welding and heat resistant tools can melt. The fixtures work well because the blade is not hot enough to melt the glass of the blade.

A jigsaw is an especially good choice because it can cut both straight and curved lines, and it also allows you to work on large areas of glass deposit.

When using Plexglass fixtures

As you can see, there are many different saws that can be used to cut plexiglass. However, jigs are ideal when you need to make curved cuts or adjust the angle of travel.

Like other types of saws, jigs cut in straight lines, but their unique design allows them to cut in curves.

You can also start cutting from the middle of a piece of material. To do this, drill a hole in the plexiglass and insert the jigsaw blade.

The ability of fixtures to cut straight, angular and circular motions (or other shapes) makes them an obsolete work tool (along with many of your other wood needs) for cutting glass plates.

A really good giga can easily handle all these different kits on different materials like Plasiglas and BDEJS600C Black + Decker is a good example.

How to cut plexiglass with a jigsaw

Choose a surface that will support the flexible sheet of glass as you work. Falling material with a jigsaw will not only ruin your plan, but it is also dangerous. Wear safety goggles if the plastic glass or jigsaw blade breaks. Wearing Safety Goggles – Serrated blades can pierce your eyes and become stuck.

Before you start cutting

One way to prevent cracking when cutting Plex glass is to stick masking tape to both sides of the cut before starting. This will help keep the glass in contact before tapping, and will prevent chipping and slipping. I will do

Sometimes your plexiglass contains a manufacturer’s protective plastic. In this case, do not stick the tape, but do not remove it either. You can cut the plastic and take it out when you’re done cutting.

Also, if the kit allows, try pressing the plexiglass to the surface. When you get to work, it can sometimes be difficult to keep Plexglass in place.


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