If You Want A Cheap Jersey Are You Stuck With Only Getting Older Versions?

Are You Stuck With Only Getting Older Versions
Are You Stuck With Only Getting Older Versions

If you want a cheap jersey, then you might feel like the options you have are limited. You may feel like you can’t get what you want, because there has to be some sort of trade-off for you to get a low price on a premium jersey right? If you want a Germany jersey, an Argentina jersey or a Brazil jersey for example then you might not see being able to get these for a heavily discounted price right?

The short answer is you can indeed find cheap soccer jersey’s, but a lot of fans feel if they go this route they’re going to be stuck having to get versions that are from previous seasons. There are some fans that might not mind this. Depending on how successful the season was that a certain version of a team jersey was they might actually prefer to wear that season’s version. However, what about the fans who want a deal on a version that is more current?

If you’re a fan of regional teams like Santa Cruz, Atletico Mineiro or Chapecoense for example, these fans are fewer but they do like to have current versions of their team jerseys. So what’s the solution? Well the best solution would be to focus on wholesale soccer jerseys. When you go with this option you’ll have a much better chance at finding up to date versions of the jersey’s you want. Here are a few reasons this is:

l  Current versions do better at selling, especially if the team is doing well currently. Plus fans like to feel like they are consistently showing their support for their preferred team by investing in their new designs. Sellers of cheap jersey’s know that having the teams current look is important when it comes to attending live matches or watching with other serious fans. 

l  Sellers of discounted jerseys make it a point to keep their stock as up to date as possible, while at the same time still offering options from previous seasons. They have a strong incentive to keep their stock up to date, because there’s a lot of competition for customers when it comes to not only getting them, but keeping them coming back for more. 

l  You’ll have a better chance at getting updated versions of your preferred jersey because when you go the wholesale route, then the odds are that they have lots of of connections and personal business relationships with several sources in order to ensure they have the best options or whatever customers are demanding at the moment. They aren’t limited in this regard. 

Is there always more value in getting an updated version of a soccer jersey versus an older design?

There are some fans of the game, their team or of a particular star that are so rabid they’ll want whatever version of a jersey they can get. Fans who want a Spain jersey, a Portugal jersey or a Honduras jersey for example tend to be very rabid. They might see more sentimental value in having older versions. 

However, not all fans are the same. For some having an updated version of their teams jersey means a better potential bonding experience with other fans. It means demonstrating that they are looking forward to what’s ahead for their team. It means putting what might have been a bad season behind them. 

What if newer versions of a team jersey are in such high demand that they are super hard to get? 

If you go the wholesale soccer jersey’s route, then you’re going to have a much better chance at staying up to date because they make it a point to stay on top of what’s popular and current. Conventional soccer apparel options almost make it a point to stock very few new release jerseys in order to create the feeling of scarcity. But when you go through a wholesale jersey option you don’t have to worry about this. Assuming you’re using a high quality source you could be sure they either would have what you wanted or that they’d be able to get it for you fast.


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