Indian Visa Application Online Procedure


The Indian Visa Application Online procedure is fast and convenient. It takes a maximum of 24 hours to process your application, though some may be processed much quicker. If you are planning a holiday, you can apply for a tourist visa on arrival. This visa allows you to visit India for up to 30 days and offers single entry facility.

Tourist visa on arrival is valid for 30 days with single entry facility

A tourist visa for India is valid for 30 days starting from the date of approval of your application. You can visit the country multiple times, provided that your arrival date falls within the validity period. However, you must depart within 30 days from your first date of entry.

The Indian Government is trying to make the process as easy as possible for foreign visitors. As of now, 75 countries are eligible for the VOA, and more countries are being added all the time. The facility is available at nine international airports, but applicants must apply for the visa prior to arrival in India.

A Tourist Visa on Arrival is valid for 30 days from the date of approval and cannot be extended. However, if you wish to visit India more than two times during the year, you may apply for an E-visa India. E-visas are valid for up to 10 years and require a minimum of two months between visits. While this type of visa is not convertible, it is convenient for frequent travellers.

The eVisa is also convenient and easy to apply for. You can apply for the eVisa at the airport or online. You need to provide 2 passport photos and pay a fee. You may also have to show proof of funds.

Business visa is not granted to foreign nationals coming to India to execute projects/contracts

Foreign nationals coming to India on a Business Visa are not eligible to engage in business activities. However, they may visit India for research purposes or to explore the possibility of setting up an industrial/business venture. They may also come to India for the purpose of purchasing industrial/commercial products or consumer durables. They may also visit India for Board meetings, technical meetings, and recruitment of manpower. In some cases, they may be invited to act as a director or manager in a company.

While there are several categories of Business visa, it is usually granted to individuals who wish to establish an industrial business in India or buy industrial products from India. However, business visas are not granted to individuals who plan to engage in petty trading or full-time employment in India. Therefore, the applicant must have a background in the field of business they wish to engage in.

A Business visa is valid for a year, or it may be extended for up to five years. In most cases, a foreign national can extend their visa once they have generated a turnover of INR 10 million in two years. However, if a company cannot meet the turnover requirement, the visa will be cancelled and the foreign national must leave India immediately.

Foreign nationals should have a Certificate of Eligibility in place before applying for a business visa. This document is essential for completing the application process. It should also contain a picture of the applicant.

Family members of a foreign national granted Business Visa may apply for grant of an ‘X’ visa

An ‘X’ visa can be granted to family members of a foreign national who is currently residing in the United States. However, the family members must meet the same criteria for a Business Visa as the principal applicant. They must have the same qualifications as the principal applicant and not exceed the validity period of the principal applicant’s visa.

The Family information form must be filled out and signed by the foreign national. It can be filled out electronically, at a Visa Application Centre, or mailed to the visa office. If the application is for a minor, they must be accompanied by a legal guardian or parent. The signature is important as it indicates that the applicant understands the questions and provides accurate information. A form that is incomplete will be returned to the applicant, so it is important to fill out all questions completely.

A family member of a foreign national granted Business Visa may be eligible to apply for an ‘X’ visa. If they are under twenty years old at the time of application, they must have a job with the foreign government and work 35 hours a week. They must also live in the metropolitan area of the diplomatic mission or consular post.

A person granted a Business Visa may also apply for an ‘X’ visa to accompany them. This visa may be co-terminus with the principal Visa. The applicant must meet all other requirements for a Business Visa.


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