Most affordable bathroom vanities at wholesale

Most affordable bathroom vanities at wholesale

These are the top bathroom vanities available at wholesale. This post will walk you through the process of selecting the most excellent bathroom vanity. You may earn an affiliate fee if your purchase is made through links on our site. A vanity in the bathroom will give you more space for toiletries and personal items. Vanities are designed with aesthetics as a goal to increase the beauty of the room. Let’s see what types of vanities are possible.

The perfect bathroom vanity sets include either a sink or an enclosed container with shelves and cabinets. Mirrors are available, but they’re not essential. You can put a mirror a few inches above your sink. Bathroom vanities can also come with mirror cabinets. These cabinets are made with shelves inside and mirror out. This style is very much in demand.

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Here are some options for bathroom vanities you might like. But, first, let’s look at the following:

Types of bathroom vanities at wholesale based on their style:

1. Pedestal:

This option, also called freestanding sinks, doesn’t provide any storage options. However, it creates a strong visual impact that elevates the luxury look of any bathroom. In addition, it can fit in any bathroom and match any decoration theme.

You have many options for accessories and additional items added to the sink to make it unique. Be sure to test if these add-ons fit within the overall unit before moving forward.

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2. Wall mounted/floating:

The wall-mounted vanity looks different as it is attached directly to your wall. This setup saves a lot of countertop and floor space. Additionally, no support or pillar touches your floor. This makes it possible to store other essential items beneath it.

This vanity type requires careful planning and caution. This vanity doesn’t offer the same level of support as other types. As a result, the bathroom’s structural integrity can be compromised by excessive force and thrusts.

3. Below-mounted:

This vanity type has a basin that is set inside the vanity. This enhances the overall appearance of the bathroom. This style of vanity is particularly appealing because it has a more modern, sleek look. In addition, there is a slight riser visible at the basin’s edges. It creates a distinctive look.

The aesthetic option of under-mount vanities is the best. However, you will have to compromise on practicality. This design will limit how much storage space you can have. This design will not be for everyone, but it is worth it if it adds to your sense of style and refinement.

4. Vanity cabinet:

This type of vanity is complete with a few pull-outs. Consider the standard kitchen cabinet. This vanity has a similar design. You can use this vanity to complement both traditional and contemporary bathroom themes. You can also integrate them into your bath space if they are more simple or basic.

5. Vessel:

Having a vessel vanity is very convenient these days. Restaurants, resorts, and fancy hotels use vessel vanities as standard. With this type, the bowl surrounding the sink rises. Its tap also connects it. You can use the storage space at the bottom. Even if you have similar ideas to other designs, the vessel’s sinking is more elegant and appealing. It’s a fine choice. However, make sure to double-check your space.

6.     Freestanding:

A freestanding vanity features many of the same features as pedestal sinks. However, instead of having one sink, they can be shaped in a square or rectangular manner. Wooden vanities are by far the most widely used type of freestanding vanities. Ceramics are also possible.

Types based on material:

The next step after deciding which style you prefer is choosing the material to make the vanities. This is critical as some materials are more resistant to extreme and prolonged exposure to water than others. You will want it to last and be resistant to water, scratches, and corrosion.Well, you can buy bathroom vanities wholesale prices in different materials. 

  1. Particle board:

This substance is most commonly used as a composite material for bathroom projects. It is a mixture of glue, wood particles, and then heated, and pressure pressed. Then, to create a refined appearance, either veneer or the melamine coating is applied. This material is strong when adequately coated. Even so, there are some risks of moisture and steam damage if the coating hasn’t been applied correctly.

  1. Plywood:

Solid plywood is a great option. It is sturdy so that it can be used for different parts of your home. It’s made up of multiple layers of wood that have been glued together into one sturdy body. This wood has a lot more strength and can withstand moisture than other types.

  1. Marble:

Marble is a fantastic vanity material. It has a distinctive look. It’s evident how calm and smooth marble can be. Marble is strong and can withstand any scratches or water. But, it can stain if not cleaned and maintained for a long time. 

4. Laminate:

Laminate material has many applications and vanities is one of them. You can paint laminate in many different ways. The result is a tone that is durable and resistant to water damage. You must maintain the laminate and protect it from scratches.


The bathroom doesn’t have to be boring. Use innovative bathroom design ideas to make it stand out in bathroom vanities. You can mix and match the sink, cabinets, mirrors. Your bathroom will look more spacious and inviting if you organize it. There are many options available for bathroom vanities at wholesale. Whichever is most convenient for you and pick according to what you prefer and what your requirements are.

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