Learn How to Make the Best use of Blockboards

Best use of Blockboards

In Blockboards, the core is constructed with battons and two veneer layers are added to the surface to cover the battons. In the case of blackboards, nailing is quite easy. This unique structure makes it stable and durable.

Two types of blockboards are available. Blockboards used for interior purposes are formed with MR-grade plywood. For exterior purposes, BWP grade blockboards are used.

Features of blockboards

Before learning the uses, let’s see the features of blockboards. The features are diverse. This is why blockboards can be used for different purposes.

  • Blockboards are lighter in weight than other plywood.
  • Blockboards can be nailed easily.
  • Carpenters can shape it easily.
  • Though lightweight, a blockboard can’t be broken easily. Its structure is compact and strong.
  • It has high impact resistance. Heavyweights can’t bend or distort blockboards.
  • Veneers, laminates, or veneers can be added to the surface. By this, you can add decorative value to blockboards.
  • Blockboards are available in different thicknesses.
  • Hardwood blockboards are available too. These are exterior purposes.
  • Durability and stability are two other features. These features make it suitable for various uses. Also, blockboards are long-lasting.
  • Blockboards are easy to clean and maintain.

These features show that blockboards have diverse purposes. However, it is not considered to be very good for moisture resistance. Therefore, installing it in wet spaces should be avoided. Otherwise, for interior purposes, blockboards are excellent.

Uses of Blockboards

We have learned about the features. Blockboards are durable, stable. They have excellent impact resistance. They are compact and strong. Decorative value can be added to blockboards. Thickness and sizes are available. This shows blockboards have multiple uses.

Let us look into the uses of blockboards-

  • Make a stunning bookshelf with a CenturyPlyBlockboard. Harmonize the color and pattern with the interior.
  • Blockboards are excellent for wall panels. It adds extra strength to the wall. Also, the look becomes extraordinary. It adds value to your house.
  • These are suitable for doors. The compact structure makes the door long-lasting. Doors can be covered with decorative veneer sheets. However, exterior doors should not be made with blockboards.
  • Furniture is constructed with blockboards. Sofa, chair, or table can be made with it. Light-usage furniture is made with blockboards.
  • Some people prefer blockboards for flooring. Adding a layer of blockboard reinforces the floor. Also, blockboard floors look classy.
  • Wall cabinets are made with blockboards. As nailing is easier, it is suitable for walls. Thus, make wall furniture with blockboards.
  • It can be used for interior decoration. A wall can be adorned with blockboards. A customized center table can be installed. Use blockboards for decorative purposes.
  • Fabrication works use blockboards too.
  • Some bus bodies are built with blockboards.
  • Railway carriages often use blockboards.

You may add veneers, paints, or laminates for decoration. Blockboards can be decorated to add extra value to the interior. Choosing blockboards is a premium option. The features and benefits are diverse. The uses are versatile. Also, decorative opportunities are open. Thus customers are increasingly choosing blockboards over other plywood.

Consult an interior designer. Choose blockboards that suit your purpose. And buy the best quality blockboards to adorn your home.


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