Plan to visit the city of Medford with Allegiant Airlines

visit the city of Medford
visit the city of Medford

if you wish to travel to Medford city having largest metro area, continue reading this article. This city is situated in the United States and has many tourist attractions like a national park, wildlife, serene view, museums for all age groups. Buy the tickets through the Allegiant Airlines Official Websiteto ensure a safe and convenient journey.

Let’s read out some interesting viewpoints in this city:

Royall House And Slave Quarters

Isaac Royall Senior purchased this house in 1732, who was born to parents of modest means in Maine. Royall and his family shifted to Dorchester, Massachusetts. He establishes this house and slave quarters. This is a museum where many architecture artworks, household items, archaeological artifacts, and programs are preserved and are opened for the visitors and hold the intertwined stories of wealth and bondage. Hop around this stunning beauty to learn the great architect and the various artifacts from ancient times.

Community Baptist Church

this is the First Baptist Church of Medford which is opened of the tourist and has an inclusive multi-generational congregation that are kept in the Mainline Protestant Tradition. Visit this beautiful Church to see the traditional architecture and the pleasant surroundings it has. People there welcome the guests with their open hearts and open minds.

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Medford Historical Society

 this society is a must-visit in this city that organizes programs and events. This Historical Society was established in 1896 by the famous concerned citizens from the city of Medford. Visit this society that holds events for locals for the welfare of the society.

Medford Public Library

this public library is a must-visite by all the bookworms who are crazy for contemporary workshops. this library was established in the year1855 and worked as a communist center since then.  This place has a wide collection of high learned staff and is equipped with the latest technology electronic resources. This library has witnessed over 193,000 visitors in 2017. visit this to be a part of all the activities that are must-attend for the poeple.

Playstead Park

if traveling with kids then have a tour of this beautiful park.Playstead was designed in 1886 and is a large and actively used sports area. Frederick Law Olmsted originally designed this for amusement purposes and outdoor activities, and nature preservation. The amusement park is built to offer recreational activities for kids and a destressing area for all group people. This family park is opened for all groups and the general public. Kept under the maintenance of the Medford Parks Department, this park is truly a must-visit area with kids.

Wright’s Pond

this right’s Pond is a replica of a natural beach, though it has a small size than a typical public beach. This Pond, however, has much which lower capacity and therefore limits the number of people. the Pond is maintained by the Recreation Department and maintained by the Parks Division.  This Pond is an ideal place to visit as it experiences a low crowd and is also staffed with lifeguards, ensuring the safety of small children. Enjoy the cool breeze here while strolling around the corner of the water.

St Joseph Catholic Church

this is a beautiful church named after Saint Joseph, located at Route 105, Medford. Built-in the late 1800s, this place offers a divine feeling as a guardian and protector of the Church. Visit this holy place with heartfelt prayer and devotion and get swooned over the beauty of this Church.


Tufts University Art Gallery

hop around this art gallery that depicts various collections from famous artists, scholars, and works of art that provoke conversation around present cultural and social issues. Some numerous exhibitions and programs focus on contemporary art with immense broader research. They provide a pedagogical space for the Tufts community. Explore this University that houses an art gallery.

These are some of the most visited places in this city.

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